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Solid Waste Authority Summer Trash Clean-up Program

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

Trent and Austin Scheilbelhood, Gage White, Kaleb Starkey. Not pictured Supervisor, Amy Petin.

The Solid Waste Authority in conjunction with Wetzel County Commissioners, Environmental Protection Authority, Department of Highways and Solid Waste Services sponsor the funding for the Summer program to clean up the trash along our Wetzel County roads.

According to Terri Tyler, Executive Director for Solid Waste Authority the program is off to an earlier start this year due to kids being out of school because of Covid-19 outbreak. She said their program usually starts end of May. Tyler said they are social distancing and only doing the highways currently and not city because of the virus.

The agreement for the program with the Wetzel County Commissioners is that they do 80 miles of Wetzel County roads in a summer, which is really 160 because they do both sides of roads. Terri said she hires five employees for the program every summer. She commented that in one day they collected 81 bags from the Wetzel County line in Proctor down to the city line.

The kids also collected 52 tires in one area south of New Martinsville. Also took three days on Route 180 from Tyler County line to bottom of hill by the State Police barracks to clean up all the trash.

Terri said that the kids pick up, bag the trash, and the DOH picks up the bags and puts them in a dumpster supplied by the Solid Waste Services. They are then disposed of at the landfill. She stated that with everyone working together the program is a big success, and keeps our roads in the county clean.

Tyler also said her recycling business is shut down during this pandemic because of no where to get rid of the items and the social distancing. She added on Saturday’s alone they average 130-150 vehicles, and collect over 6000 pounds a week. She suggests that anyone recycling take it to the landfill until things get back to normal. She would also like to thank the public for all their support. If anyone has any questions, they can contact Terri at the Solid Waste Authority Office, 304-455-5262.