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NM Experiencing Break-Ins

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

Chapman Dental Group

New Martinsville – At least three break-ins have been reported to New Martinsville authorities in the past week. The New Martinsville Police Department is investigating the Burglary of a home, and the Breaking and Entering of Chapman Dental and their old office. Detective Donnie Harris of the department said there was no video surveillance, but they are looking at photos from camera systems around the area and they believe the break-ins were by the same individual or group.

“Basically, we had three different braking and enterings,” said Detective Donnie Harris.

According to Harris, one was a residence who was out of the area, another was a business Chapman Dental Group, where nitrous oxide tanks were stolen. Authorities believe the tanks may have been taken as a way to get high. The other was the old office of Chapman.

The Dental Office had Nitrous Oxide stolen from the office. The big concern is with potential risk to anybody attempting to use it. When administering Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, the Doctor combines it with oxygen. Using Nitrous alone can be lethal.

“If someone goes to use that, a lot of people don’t realize oxygen is usually mixed in with it. So it could very easily kill the person that’s using it,” said Det. Harris.

“If somebody would happen to know where these tanks are, they’re huge tanks, not small ones, give us a call to come look at them. We just don’t want someone to use that to get high and end up killing themselves,” he said.

In both locations many items were stolen. We are asking citizens to report any suspicious activity they see. If anybody has information on the burglary or breaking and entering, call the New Martinsville Police Department.