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Wetzel County Commission Recieves Updates on Covid-19 Pandemic During Meeting

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

On March 31, the Wetzel County Commission held a regular meeting at the Commission office in New Martinsville. Commissioner Lemon, after the Pledge of Allegiance, called the meeting to order. Steve Yoho, 911 Director, was present to give an update on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yoho talked about the number of cases in the state and county and available supplies in our county. As of March 31, there was 3,828 tests performed in West Virginia, 145 confirmed cases, 3,682 negative cases, zero pending and one fatality. Wetzel County has one confirmed case, 17 tests performed at WCH with zero confirmed cases, five cases are still pending, EZ-Care performed two tests with both still pending. He also commented on the supplies available in the county.

FEMA PPA started on March 30 and submitted some receipts that have already been entered with the confirmation from a representative that they would be approved. More receipts will be submitted, and we will get all the reimbursement we can from the state.

The Commission approved the request of Susan Scharf, Director, Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center, to hang the Children’s Memorial Flag for the month of April in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month. The flag was donated by the CAC several years ago and is put out every April. Request to put pinwheels outside of courthouse had previously been approved. Pinwheels will be placed at various locations throughout the county.

The contract with Wheeling Linen for an additional service at the 4-H Grounds for a total of eight rugs to be placed in the Cabins and the Mollohan Center was unanimously approved. There is already a contract in place with this company for services provided at the Courthouse and the Animal Shelter.

Carol Haught discussed with the Commission some emergency procedures regarding the primary election on May 12, 2020. She will be sending out press releases regarding these measures, dates and instructions to newspapers, possibly radio stations, and possibly a code red message.

Resolutions and Operating Lease of WCH/WVU signed by Commission

The Wetzel County Commission on March 24, 2020 held their regular session at the County Commission Office in New Martinsville. The Commissioners unanimously approved and signed a Resolution and Operating Lease for Wetzel County Hospital/WVU Hospital.

The County Commission of Wetzel County owns, equips, furnishes, and operates Wetzel County Hospital, a non-profit corporation. The Hospital is operated by and through their Board of Trustees and provides acute care, emergency, and outpatient services to the residents of the County and the surrounding area, and works diligently to provide the best possible emergency, intensive and primary care to the citizens of Wetzel County and surrounding communities.

West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc., will be the sole member of Wetzel County Hospital, Inc. a nonprofit corporation organized and existing pursuant to the laws of the State of West Virginia, which was created to lease the real property and assets of the Hospital and to operate the Hospital.

The Corporation, WVUH, West Virginia United Health System, Inc., the County Commission, the Board of Trustees, and the Hospital Association executed a Letter of Intent dated January 10, 2020, outlining the general terms pursuant to which the Corporation will lease all of the assets associated with the Hospital, operate the Hospital after the effective date of a lease agreement, and assume responsibility for carrying out the undertakings of the Hospital.

The County Commission will facilitate the reconveyance of the helipad property from the Wetzel County Building Commission to the County Commission, so it is included under the Operating Lease.

Sharon Kesserling, representing The American Red Cross at the last regular meeting asked the commission for a donation to help with supplies to help our county. The Commissioners unanimously agreed on a donation of $2500 to the ARC.