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Isaacs To Run For Re-election New Martinsville City Council

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

Iris Isaacs

My name is Iris R. Isaacs, better know by many as Deaner. I am running for re-election for sixth ward council. It has been an honor and privilege working for the citizens of New Martinsville. I am married to Jim Isaacs for almost 44 years. We have four children, Jennifer, Justin, Janson (deceased) and Jason. We are the proud Grandparents of three grandchildren, Aubrey Troy, and Nicolas. I was born in New Martinsville, raised in New Martinsville, and will probably die in New Martinsville. The things most important to me is my faith, family, friends, our country, and of course my hometown.

In my terms of council, I have only missed three regular council meetings, due to illness, and I challenge either of my opponents to match that. I make my decisions with the citizens best interests in mind, to establish fair working conditions and benefits for the employees,

while always trying to do what I think is best for the town. Many decisions are difficult and sometimes those decisions displease citizens and also the employees. As you will see an employee iis running against me, but I have the satisfaction in knowing my decisions were always made with the city’s best interest in mind.

My accomplishments include helping with the renovation of Lewis/Wetzel Swimming pool, replacing outdated equipment and vehicles, which were costing the city thousands in maintenance cost, and most importantly bringing Home Rule to New Martinsville. I currently an chair of the Finance Committee, and serve on the Street and Building Committee, and liaison for the Parks and Recreation.

I am so excited about this program, it is the first time while serving the city that we will have funds to start making a difference in our community. We will have more money for paving, more money to get rid of the dilapidated buildings, for general cleanup, and to do things that will help bring new pride to our city. It has been long overdue.

I am asking for your vote on May 12, I know I will be a full time representative for all citizens and employees as I have shown in my previous terms. I do my research and as a result I sometimes vote alone or against an issue. Being popular is not always right, and being right is not always popular. I would appreciate your vote, and hope to be representing you for the next four years. Thank you, Deaner.