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Progess Made on Water Project

By Staff | Apr 1, 2020

Workers continue to construct Paden City's Water Stripper Plant.

The Paden City Water project is moving along smoothly and just ahead of schedule even with the pandemic of COVID-19 virus. The building which will house the strippers should be finished in next couple of weeks if the rest of the supplies arrive from New York, an area devastated by the Coronavirus outbreak. According to the contractor erecting the structure everything is going well considering what is happening with all the quarantines and businesses closing.

“The city is pretty much deeming this an essential construction job and I believe the health department is with me on that,” said Paden City mayor Clyde Hochstrasser. He added workers are stepping up to keep the project on schedule for it’s June completion date, which is music to local activists Tonya Shuler’s ears.

“I’m so happy to see that,” said Shuler. I am super, super excited that its going to be put in,” said Shuler.

“Thank God! I mean let’s get it done so we can clean up this water.” said the mayor, sharing much of that emotion.

The project is being completed at a cost of $570,000 through a grant from the USDA. The Stripper plant which is projected to clean 99.9 percent of the contaminant from the cities water was started earlier this year and has been progressing ahead of schedule.

This is good news for the citizens of Paden City, who are axiously awaiting a clean water source after discovering they have been using water laden with PCE for several years. If the stripper does what it’s suppose to do Paden City residents will feel a sign of relief, just knowing they can shower and drink safely from the towns water supply once again.