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Castilow Announces Candidacy For Board of Education

By Staff | Apr 1, 2020

Brian Castilow

My name is Brian Castilow, known to many as BC. I was born and raised in New Martinsville. I graduated from Magnolia High School. I attended college at West Liberty University and received a degree in education with the highest honors. I obtained a master’s in Counseling and Guidance from West Virginia University. I’ve been a teacher for fifty years, and now, I am running for Board of Education. I have the education, the experience, and the passion that our schools and students need to thrive.

Teaching has always been my passion, but I also feel a deep commitment to my community. I’m an EMT and was one of the founding members of the New Martinsville Ambulance service. I spent many years devoted to the emergency squad and served as an officer for much of that time.

I believe children are best served when we consider their entire development, and athletics can play an important role in building strong character. Because of this and my training as an EMT, I pursued a certification in Athletic Training from WVU and the WV Department of Education.

I’ve worked tirelessly for sports at Magnolia High School for thirty years, and I am currently the longest tenured athletic director in the entire OVAC with thirty-three years of service.

I’m also the Faculty Senate President at Magnolia, and I served on the Board of the Citizens Scholarship Foundation. I’ve decided to run for a seat on the Wetzel County Board of Education because I feel it’s time I apply my experience, skill, and dedication directly to the service of the students and faculty of Wetzel County.

Our children face a rapidly changing world, and our educational approach must adapt by adopting innovative educational paradigms and approaches. While seeking improvement in test scores, we cannot forget that student achievement is reliant upon embracing all educational pathways and occupational goals. As a teacher, I understand it is imperative that our board of education focus on the retention and encouragement of both high-quality professionals and service personnel. We must also better address the maintenance of all school facilities and grounds.

I am running for Board of Education because I care about this community. The world is changing, but together, we can ensure that the students of Wetzel County are always prepared, always given opportunities to succeed, and always able to handle whatever the world throws at them.