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Folsom Fire Department Receives Donation

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

L-R Cindy Glasscock, Dir. of Services & Paramedic, Tina Rush, Rep. Mark West, DJ Glasscock, Asst. Chief & EMT, Larry Manear, Vice Pres, & EMT

An ambulance, as everyone knows, is required to stock life saving equipment, supplies and medications, as well as certain controlled substances needed to control pain in severe trauma patients. These medications are required to be secured in a med vault and accessed only by ALS (paramedic) providers. A daily inventory must be completed showing the name of the patient to whom a medication was administered, the date, time and amount administered as well as the amount (if any) wasted. The signature of the paramedic who administered the medication and the signature of the nurse at the receiving facility witnessing the waste is also included on this log sheet. These two ledgers must always equal each other.

While Folsom always had a quality med vault on each ambulance, the need for a more advanced, quality vault was becoming a reality. Initially we were only needing two vaults but due to unforeseen circumstances the department had to prchase a third ambulance. Therefore, another vault was needed. Daniel (DJ) Glasscock, Assistant Fire Chief started looking into prices. Much to our surprise, the cost was much more than expected so DJ approached me about sending out donation request letters explaining the need for the vaults and the benefit to the safety of the fire department as well as the communities that we serve. The response we received was so appreciative.

We received a check from Williams Funeral Home for $250, a check from The Oakland Foundation (a charitable organization in Parkersburg WV) FOR $5,389, and personal donation from Mr. and Mrs. Keith Toothman for $1,000. These donations allowed us to purchase the three vaults and administrative software needed for the operation of the vaults. But the donations didn’t stop there. On February 28, 2020 Tina Rush from MPLX (Mark West Petroleum, Mobley Plant) presented the fire department with a check in the amount of $4,800. This donation allowed us to add an additional larger mounted vault, and a security system including computer and monitor inside the fire station.

With the vault system each time the vault is accessed, the medic’s access code is recorded. When the ambulance is returned to the ambulance bay at the conclusion of the call, the vault sends a message to the computer via wi-fi that records the data to the computer hard drive for permanent storage using the administrative software. This information will be available any time a report is felt to be necessary.

Only the ALS providers have access to the vaults on each ambulance. As for the larger vault, it takes two ALS providers at any time to access it. This is for added security purposes. Folsom Fire Department takes the opioid crisis very serious and will take every measure possible to protect both our personnel as well as the communities we serve.

We want to thank those who helped make this purchase possible. It is with the continued support of our communities that we are able to continue to offer the best possible anbulance service to the Shortline area.