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Eric Yost Candidate for Wetzel County Commissioner

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

Eric Yost

Hello, my name is Eric Yost, a candidate for Wetzel County Commissioner. I am a lifelong resident of Wetzel County. I graduated from Hundred High School in 1983. I attended WVU in the 80’s and obtained a bachelors degree in Business Administration with majors in Corporate finance, capital budgeting, banking, insurance and securities market analysis. The only award I received during my education was a Leadership award from my high school math teacher for managing most everything, including all monies for my class and the student body for all four years at HHS. I never played sports or joined clubs and organizations, instead I focused all my efforts on education and working.

My father told me at an early age, you cannot learn from someone who does not know more than you do, so spend your time with the older experienced people and pay attention. I have been blessed to have spent my life with older successful business people and it has given me the ability to solve problems, take nothing and make something profitable out of it. It has given me the proper perspective to succeed in most everything I have pursued. I have only held one job for 2 months in 1990 just after college as a Securities broker for Merrill Lynch and since then I have been self employed.

Presently, I own and operate a natural gas production company, a public natural gas utility, and an excavation business. I also manage the Hundred-Littleton PSD which provides water and sewer service to the eastern end of Wetzel county. I have done this for free to help the community for the last 18 years. I feel it was the most important thing I could do that is essential and affects peoples lives daily.

During this time I have designed and managed the construction of all new water lines in the area expending $4,500,000 in grant funding as well as $3,500,000 in operating revenue. I have also subsidized the PSD with thousands of dollars in Cash and labor and equipment to keep it operating.

In 2017 the town of Hundred experienced the worst flood in its history. I gave structure to chaos and formed and chaired a Long Term Recovery Group that organized the entire flood recovery, administering over $200,000 in donated funds, which was used to repair 200 residences. I also diligently fought and managed to get $550,000 in FEMA funds for repairs to the town and PSD.

Just recently I spent 1.5 years negotiating an Oil and gas deal that produced over $3,000,000 for people in the community as well as myself, which benefitted the community immensely.

I am a deal maker and management is my life. I have worked very hard, been very successful, and have used my talents to benefit the community while sharing my good fortune. I foresee the future as difficult for the people of Wetzel county and I would like to use my knowledge and experience to benefit the entire county and would appreciate your vote for Wetzel County Commission! Thank you!