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Cindy Glasscock Announces Candidacy For Wetzel County Commissioner

By Staff | Feb 5, 2020

Cindy Glasscock Announces Candidacy for County Commission

Business Owner, Community Leader and Volunteer Stands With Pride and Commitment To The Future of Wetzel County Citizens!

Folsom, WV –Cindy Glasscock, lifelong Democrat, lifelong resident of West Virginia, and a resident of Wetzel County since her marriage to Juimmy Glasscock 43 years ago, announces that she is seeking a seat on the Wetzel County Commission.

During the past 43 years Cindy has raised three sons and has been employed as owner of Glasscock Construction and Remodeling Company Inc., which was established in 1996. Her first job after graduating high school was as a bookkeeper for a local business, Jones TC cABLE. It was it that job that she learned how to invoice customers, post customer payments, complete sales contracts and complete payroll.

“All of this, I might add, was long before computers. This was when we used good ‘ole paper and pen and ledgers. That experience taught me partially what I needed to know about being self employed,” stated Cindy.

“I acquired experience in hiring and firing employees, filing monthly and quarterly tax returns, as well as many other aspects of the daily operations of a small usiness.”

Cindy said she has also dealt with the general public on a daily basis as owner and operator of a small convenience store over the years.

“I have experience in balancing budgets and more. I have business experience,” she said.

She said those are just small portions of her experience. She has community leadership experience, having been involved with Wetzel County Schools as a parent volunteer while her sons were in elementary school, but mostly spending numerous hours over the past 30 years, proudly serving as a volunteer for the Folsom Fire Department wearing many hats,

She presently serves as the treasurer, training officer, paramedic, and director of services (billing clerk), while working full time as an emergency room technician at United Hospital Center in Bridgeport, WV.

Cindy has written letters to various organizations and businesses requesting donations for equipment needed for the fire department and those requests were quite successful, bringing in several thousand dollars which were used for both ambulance equipment as well as fire and EMS and fire training equipment.

“I’m a hard worker and I fight for things that I believe in,’ stated Cindy. “The Citizens of Hundred needed a reliable ambulance service, and I was a small part in helping to make that happen, and I am proud of that.”

“I’m seeking this position to serve all Wetzel County citizens, businesses, and organizations. I will always be just a phone call away should any citizen have a problem or a question. If I don’t have an immediate answer, I will work diligently to find the answer.”

Cindy said she may not always have the answer that is wanted or expected, but it will be the honest and best answer for the situation or question. She said she looks forward to meeting all of the people throughout the campaign and graciously asks for your support and vote on May 12, 2020.