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Judge Cramer Hears Cases

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

The Honorable Judge Jeffrey Cramer presided over the Wetzel County Circuit Court on Tuesday, November 11. Ten cases were heard on this date.

Nancy Mae Cox, 36, appeared for a plea deal. It was reported by Cox’s attorney that a plea had been reached. As a result, Cox plead guilty to her alleged charge of child neglect resulting in a risk of injury, stating that she used a gas grill to heat the house while her children were in the residence. Cox was charged with the offense in April, 2018. Judge Cramer accepted the guilty plea, sentencing her to be confined for six months. This incarceration, however, was suspended to one year supervised probation and to pay all court costs as laid forth in the plea agreement.

Randy Lewis, 30, appeared for an adjudicatory hearing on a petition to revoke supervised release. Lewis admitted to the alleged violations of his probation and was sentenced to finish serving the remainder of his supervised release (two years) confined in prison. Following the completion of his incarceration, Lewis will no longer be on supervised release.

Caitlin Parsons, 29, appeared before the Court for an adjudicatory hearing following her violating probation. It was reported that Parsons was an appropriate candidate for drug court. Seeing as this was Parsons’ second offense, the State’s Attorney, Tim Haught, requested a period of incarceration followed by her being released to drug court. Parsons admitted to the violations she was accused of conducting. Judge Cramer ordered a 60 day sanction of incarceration, followed by drug court. Parsons was informed that any violations will result in her serving a one to five year sentence.

Joseph Eugene Lasure appeared before the court for a Rule 35 hearing. In early August, Lasure entered a guilty plea deal for possession of a controlled substance. Rule 35 was reportedly contemplated on this agreement. Judge Cramer ruled that Rule 35 was granted, however, Lasure was placed on two years of supervised probation following his release, and if the probation is violated, Lasure could be ordered to serve the remaining term.

Mary Moffitt, 31, appeared before the Honorable Judge Cramer for an adjudicatory hearing. Moffitt admitted to violating her probation and was ordered to serve six months in jail with credit for time served.

Julianna Hatgy, 28, appeared in the Wetzel County Circuit Court for adjudicatory hearing, in which she admitted to violating the terms of her probation. Haught reported that Hatgy is addicted to methamphetamine and has tested positive on two seperate occassions. Hatgy’s attorney, Tim White, stated that Hatgy intended to enter the WVU Hope and Healing Drug Rehabilitation program, was accepted, and would begin in early December. Judge Cramer ordered Hatgy remain incarcerated until she can be released directly to the program.

Kenneth Tucker also appeared before the Court for a status hearing. It was reported that a plea deal is intended to be entered, but it needs more time to be finalized. Tucker is set to return December 4 for entry of a plea. His bond continues.

Raymon Lehman II, 36, appeared on a petition to revoke supervised probation. Lehman admitted to violating his probation, and was ordered to serve six months in the regional jail authority with credit for time served.

Seth Reynolds, 22, entered a guilty plea for the offense of attempted grand larceny. Reynolds was sentenced to one to three years incarceration, which was then suspended to two years of probation. Upon successful completion of probation, the charge will be dismissed.

Anthony Winans, 28, appeared before the Court and entered a guilty plea deal. It was reported that Winans entered a pharmacy, asked for another individual’s prescription, which was a controlled substance, and gave the correct birthdate, but never delivered the prescription. Judge Cramer accepted the guilty plea and a PSI was ordered for Winans.

Coty Ray Walker, 27, of Bruno, is facing multiple charges concerning several sexual abuse and assault offenses. He appeared on November 14 for an evidentiary hearing before the Honorable Judge Jeffrey Cramer. However, the content of the hearing was sensitive because it regarded two juvenile children.

Walker is set to appear for a pre-trial hearing on December 4, and his trial date is set for December 16. He remains incarcerated.