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Metal Detectors Added to the Courthouse and Magistrate Office

By Staff | Sep 4, 2019

Pictured from left to right is Sheriff Mike Kuntz, Jeremy Kilgore, Timothy Bassett, and Jonathan Johnson

Unfortunately, one of the results of the world that we live in today is a need for some added security in public buildings. As of Monday, August 26, the Magistrates Office and the Courthouse now have security officers on duty to greet everyone at the door who enters those buildings. They will be wearing blue blazers with name tags to be easily recognized. The courthouse now has to be entered through the front entrance unless they are handicapped. The handicapped entrance will still be accessible on the south end of the building. However, the south entrance by WesBanco that many people use is no longer accessible. There have been signs put up and chains across the bottom of the steps to let people know that it is no longer in use. The sheriff’s office is doing everything they can to make it as unobtrusive as possible and as easy on the public as they can. Sheriff Kuntz noted that they aren’t crazy about the idea either but it’s better to have it and not need it than to have something happen and not have it. Currently, there are only walk through metal detectors, but they will have an x-ray machine sometime in the future which will x-ray packages and bags that are brought into the courthouse.