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Through The Lens: Return of the Fall Mum

By Staff | Aug 28, 2019

Recently, Mary sent me to the local store to pick up netting. The vining plant which hangs on our porch has begun producing an abundance of seeds. Mary figured, if we were to place netting under the hanging basket, it would be a good way to save seeds for next season. She thinks ahead like that a good bit. If I think ahead, it is about supper or what’s on TV.

As I cut through the outside garden section I saw the area was in the process of change. You know how some stores like to move things around just to make you spend time hunting for something you didn’t know you wanted. Stores today have a plan to send you on a quest of discovery. Wouldn’t you think in today’s world of App technology, they would offer you a merchandise locator as an in-store App? The problem with that is, if they made it to easy, you would not wander around the store looking for stuff. Stuff is a technical term I use a lot. So, if you see a guy with a list in hand wandering around looking aimlessly at the shelves, while mumbling to himself, “Where is the stuff she wants?” That will be me with Mary’s list.

Back to my garden section story. As I was entering I was hit in the nose with a strong pungent smell. And with my nose that’s a pretty big hit. Some may not call it a bad odor, but I sure would. Anyone with knowledge of flowers would quickly recognize the smell. Stacked on shelves before me was the source of the distasteful aroma. Two employees were unloading and reorganizing the flower area. They were reducing the price on fading summer flowers and replacing them withI can barely say the wordsFALL MUMS. There, I said it, mums.

Dozens of pots filled with mums in the colors of yellows, reds, white, bronze and purple were being placed neatly on the shelves for sale. As each one was placed, more unpleasant mum odor was released. Suddenly my brain was filled with the colors of fall. My minds eye envisioned yellow and red leaves blowing through the crisp air. I felt a shiver of cold wind as I stared frozen at the rows of fall mums. For a moment my world of short pants and sunglass days was replaced by falling leaves and the toothy smile of a Halloween pumpkin.

Finally regaining my composure while squeezing Mary’s shopping list in my tightly clinched hand, I made my way through the outside garden section into the building. There I discovered a room recently filled with garden hoses, crab grass killer, fertilizer, sun umbrellas now filled with rows of summer clothes marked down for quick sale. Shorts, tee shirts and swim wear was being offered to shoppers for prices they could not pass up. If Marlon Brando worked in the department he may have said it like this, “I’m gona’ make you an offer you can’t refuse. A sundress that was once priced at $29.99 is now on clearance for a meager $7.99, that’s an offer you can’t refuse.”

I was only going after netting, when I was sent into a sensory preview of fall. But wait, the calendar says fall won’t be here until the third week in September. Why has the fall season returned so quickly? It seems that in today’s world we are often being rushed into the next holiday or season. Stores want you to always be ready to save a dollar on your next purchase. One week they offer pre-season sales. The following week they offer after season sales. We as consumers are always being told, “They have a deal you can’t refuse.”

Before I close I want to say that I really do like mums. Both their diverse colors and even their unique smell. But, I also know when they return to the store shelves, it brings seasonal changes and a soon fall chill to the air. I better stop writing of smelly flowers and find Mary’s netting before she texts me asking, “Are you coming home or are you lost once again looking Through the Lens?”