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New Martinsville Councilman Steve Pallisco Speaks to Rotary

By Staff | Aug 14, 2019

The New Martinsville Rotary Club held it’s regular scheduled meetin on Wednesday, August 7, at Quinets Restaurant in New Martinsville. The meetin started out with lunch, the singing of My Country ‘ Tis of Thee, Pledge of Allegiance, and Prayer.

The program for Wednesday’s meeting was under the direction of Rotarian Whitney Clegg, who introduced her guest speaker, Steve Pallisco, New Martinsville City Councilman. Pallisco gave an interesting talk on New Martinsville council’s recently passed ordinance to pursue Home Rule for the community. Pallisco touched on several highlights of Home Rule and how they will benefit the community as a whole.

He spoke about the struggles the town has had in cleaning up dilapidated buildings and unkept properties. According to Pallisco Home Rule will be a major step forward in alleviating these conditions in the city. He said in the past it has been extremely difficult and expensive to try and hunt down homeowners and gewt them to compy with citations or notices. If approived for Home Rule status by the state they will be able to set timelines on cleanup and repairs. If those timelines are not met they will be able to take action needed including without further delay.

Another advantage to the city would be the implementation of a one percent sales tax with would potentially put $2,000,000 per year into the city coffers. Pallisco said with those funds the city would be able to fix roads, clean up poroperty and stay competitive with wages and benefits for their employees.

Several business owners and others in the Rotary questioned Pallisco on the way they would spend the extra money and they wanted to be sure the tax collected went for good purpose. Others questioned how the proposed tax could be accounted for when the state collects it.

They said it would be very difficult to keep acount of. Pallisco said the tax would be collected by the state and they would take their administrative fees from it and distribute the remainder back to the city. He explained the city would have nothing to do with the collection it would just be added on to sale. He also mentioned it would exclude certain big ticket items, for example car sales, etc. Discussion also included a proposal city officials are considering, concerning making the Chief of Police, City Clerk, and Street Commissioner jobs appointed positions instead of elected.

The Rotary thanked Councilman Pallisco for speaking to them and informing them of the issues.

Rotary President Larry Blalock brought the group up to date on a couple upcoming events including a meet and greet lucheon for District Governor Shari Messinger hosted by the Brooke County Rotary Club in Wellsburg. Any Rotarians interested in attending were asked to let Presdient Blalock know.

Blalock also announced plans are under way for a rise against hunger event. co-sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Moundsville, New Martinsville and Wheeling. The event will be held on October 19, form 10-12 at the OES Building at the Marshall County Fairgrounds. They are hoping to do 20,000 meals. A reminder that Rotary Dues were due July 1, 2019, and checks can be brought to the Rotary and given to President Blalock or mailed to Rachel Herrick. He also reminded everyone that the Buddy Light Memorial Golf Tournament is August 24, at Sistersville Country Club.