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Distinguished Alumni Award Presented To Paden City Volunteer Fire Company

By Staff | Jul 17, 2019

Pictured are members of the Paden City Volunteer Fire Company, recurrent of the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award. The committee felt that there no one more deserving this group because of the service they provide to out community.

Paden City High School Alumni activities wrapped up on Satueday evening at the Jess Brown Memorial Hall adjacient to the High School with the Distinquished Alumni Award presentation beginning at 4 p.m. and leading up to the Alumni Banquet.

Over 3,100 students have graduated from Paden City High School over the past 67 years, with only 20 being recogonized as distinquished Alumni, so it is quite the honor. This year recipient of the award went to the Paden City Fire Department only the second time since the inception of the award it’s gone to an organization and not an individual. However, with the longtime dedication and continuing efforts of the local Fire Department, they are truely deserving to be presented the 2019 Distinquished Alumni Award.

The Fire Department stands willing and ready at all times to answer the call should a need arise. Some of the current members are still with the department after 60 years. The great thing about the volunteer fire department is their dedication and love for the community and their desire to help others. Alumni officals commented they are very deserving to be rfecognized and the community is very fortunate to have them. Following the announcement and a time of congratulations the 2019 Alumni Banquet got under way with some very good speeches, one person commented we found out a lot of good (and a few not so good) things we were unaware of concerning our classes, but overal it was a great time enjoyed by all who attended.