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Maddisen Eidel Graduates Ministerial Internship Program

By Staff | May 29, 2019

Maddisen and Caleigh Eidel Celebrate Graduating MIP Program.

Tyler Star/Wetzel News Reporter Maddisen Eidel recently graduated from the Ministerial Internship Program along with her sister, Caleigh Eidel. She and her sister, along with their family, their pastor and his family traveled to Cleveland, TN a short time ago for the MIP Commissioning Celebration. The MIP Commissioning Celebration is a culmination of a 9-month process of intense training for aspiring ministers in the Church of God. The event began on May 17 with tours of the International Offices and seminaries in and around the Lee University, a private Christian University in Cleveland historically affiliated with the Church of God. During the Saturday service on May 18, at the North Cleveland Church of God, the MIP candidates who completed the program and the supervising pastors who mentored them through the process were recognized. Their pastor, Mick Frye said, “I am very proud of Caleigh and Maddisen. Over the last year and through the MIP process, I’ve seen them grow spiritually. They are a vital part of The Refuge Church and I am excited to watch them grow even more”.