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Judge Cramer Addresses Circuit Court Matters

By Staff | May 8, 2019

Judge Jeffrey Cramer recently addressed several matters in Wetzel County Circuit Court. Those matters are as follows:

Tanya M. Southern, 51, of Beckley, W.Va., appeared in court alongside Attorney Brett Ferro for a plea agreement. Southern pleaded guilty to wanton endangerment with a firearm in October 2017. Judge Cramer ordered a pre-sentence investigation to be completed by the courts probation officer and once the report is received, he will schedule a sentencing hearing. Judge Cramer set post-conviction bond in the amount of $5,000 cash justification of surety for a professional bondsman. If she posts that bond, she will be on probation supervision pending sentencing. Judge Cramer agreed to allow her to travel to Beckley to work and she will come back for the sentencing hearing. The remaining counts of the indictment were dismissed with prejudice.

Kari Kay Temple, 28, appeared in court for a sentencing hearing. Judge Cramer sentenced Temple to the Division of Corrections for a determinative period of three years. That sentence was suspended, and she was placed on supervised probation for three years with specific conditions of probation. First that she participates in the WIND residential program in Ohio County West Virginia and also participates and successfully completes the drug court program. She was also ordered to make restitution to the victim in the amount of $925. Judge Cramer warned Temple that if for any reason she is removed from the drug court program she will go serve the remainder of the three year sentence. Temple also has charges pending in Marshall County. She was remanded pending dealing with those charges and an extradition hearing.

Lindsay Glendenning, 34, appeared in court for an revocation hearing. She pleaded guilty to violating her probation as set forth in the petition in counts two and three. She was sentenced to the underlying sentence of six months in the regional jail with credit for time served.

Kristi Rhena Fox-Hall, 35, of 46 Anson Street, Apt. 7, New Martinsville, appeared in court for a status hearing. Fox was apprehended by the bondsman and the bail piece has been secured. Therefore, the bondsman was released from any further liability in the action. Also, since the last hearing, Mr. David White was permitted to withdraw from the case and the court appointed Mr. Baum as Fox’s council. The court accepted the waiver of the right to a trial during this term of court and Judge Cramer stated that he would get a trial set as quickly as he could for the next term. Judge Cramer asked Prosecutor Timothy Haught to contact the authorities in Ohio to determine what her status is with regard to bond of her felony charge in the state of Ohio was unknown. Judge Cramer stated that if she was simply going to be released to go to Ohio, he was not inclined to set a bond. Prosecutor Tim Haught stated that he would contact them the same day. Hall was remanded to Jail.

Dylan Scott Lamp, 22, appeared in court alongside Attorney Brett Ferro for a preliminary hearing on the petition to revoke supervised probation. Lamp was put on probation on March 22 but failed to comply. Lamp admitted to violating his probation as set forth in the petition. Ferro asked for something less than the six month sentence with credit for time served because of a job Lamp claimed to have when released. Judge Cramer ordered that the underlying sentence of six months be imposed after which he would be entitled to good time. After he’s done with the the six month sentence, he will be released from any further probation. Lamp is eligible for credit for time served.

Jennifer Nicole Read, 33, of 100 North Seventh Ave., Paden City, did not appear in court for a preliminary hearing on a petition to revoke probation. Judge Cramer issued a capius warrant for her arrest.

Derek Palmer, appeared in court via video. Palmer is wanted out of Monroe County, Ohio. He signed a document to allow Monroe County to come and pick him up within 10 days.

Johhny Hobson, 42, of 615 Kapple Street, New Martinsville, appeared in court with Attorney H. Klatt for the entry of a plea. Hobson pleaded guilty to grand larceny. Judge Cramer imposed a 1-10 year sentence which was suspended. Hobson was then placed on a period of supervised probation of two years with a specific condition that he makes restitution in the amount of $5,200 to the victim. The court deferred entering that felony plea for a period of two years. If Hobson successfully completes the terms of probation and makes restitution in that two year period, at the end of the term, the court will not enter the felony guilty plea but will enter a dismissal.

Jenna Kay Erb, 38, of 253 Chelsea Street, Sistersville, appeared in court alongside Attorney Patricia Kurelac for a hearing on a motion to suppress. Judge Cramer granted a motion to issue a material witness warrent for an eyewitness in the case. He also continued the suppression hearing generally until the witness is found. He will then schedule the suppression hearing as soon as possible. It was noted by Prosecutor Timothy Haught that she is being supervised by Hardy county and has tested positive for drugs twice which is a violation of her bond. The court went into recess and Erb was ordered to be drug tested. Erb tested positive for THC. The court then granted a motion to revoke Erb’s bond. Erb was then remanded.