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Local Schools Place In State TSA Championship

By Staff | Apr 10, 2019

Photos Provided Pictured are members of the Hundred High and Long Drain schools’ TSA organizations.

Long Drain Middle and Hundred High schools made their presence known at the state level recently as several of the schools’ TSA members nabbed first-place honors at the West Virginia State TSA Championship, with HHS receiving the title of WV State TSA Champions. Furthermore, Hundred High School’s Rex Rush received the title of “WV TSA Advisor of the Year,” and HHS won First Place for Outstanding Chapter.

Notably, HHS’ Jocelyn Prado was TSA State President for 2018-2019.

“I’m extremely proud of all of our students that competed at the State TSA Conference,” stated Rush. “All students worked extremely hard on their projects and as a chapter won the state TSA championship.”

Rush explained he and fellow HHS TSA advisors Sean Snedden and Jeremy Kelch would like to dedicate HHS’ State TSA Championship to former TSA advisor and technical education teacher Loy Stull.

“Mr. Stull passed away over 10 years ago… Myself, Sean Snedden, and Jeremy Kelch all had him for class and as a TSA advisor. Without him teaching us the skills that we possess now, we wouldn’t be able to pass it on to our students.”

This photo, from an older yearbook, shows Mr. Loy Stull and a group of TSA students. Stull was TSA advisor of Rush, Jeremy Kelch, and Sean Snedden — all of whom are TSA advisors at Hundred High School today.

“I would just say that I am extremely proud of our kids’ success,” noted Long Drain School’s TSA advisor, Lisa Kelch, of her students’ achievements.

Our students put in hours and hours of time outside of school working on their projects, and they were able to see what they can achieve with hard work and dedication. They have taken pride in their work and have a sense of accomplishment. The community has rallied around them and their success as well, which has been a lot of fun to watch.

“I love that we can offer TSA to our students because provides them with opportunities to not only learn and engage in projects related to STEM, but gives them writing, interviewing, networking, and leadership experience – which will benefit them no matter what career path they choose to take one day.”

Long Drain TSA members are as follows: Leah Delaney, Janna Huggins, Everett Johnson, Jeffery Morris, Krista Peraldo, Jaden Rush, Madison Sleeth, Connor Snedden, Shelby White, and Zack Wise.

Hundred High School TSA members are as follows: Brandon Rine, Zack Hostutler, Issac Price, Chris Rine, Adam Stevens, Aaron Stevens, Cody Soles, Travis McCoy, Joseph White, Allie Hawkins, Aubrie Hawkins, Adalyn Conway, Rachel Snedden, Hunter Tustin, Cole Henderson, Matthew Reilley, Cole Miller, Casey Henderson, Billy Lemasters, Tori Hawkins, Kayley Davis, Jocelyn Prado, Colton Whitehill, Addie Tuttle, and Iris Woodward.

Long Drain’s First Place awards were as follows:

Children’s Stories – Janna Huggins and Madison Sleeth

Community Service Video – Krista Peraldo, Shelby White, and Leah Delaney

Dragster – Connor Snedden

Junior Solar Sprint – Jeffery Morris, Jaden Rush, and Zack Wise

Bottle Rockets – Jeffery Morris and Zack Wise


Long Drain’s Second Place awards were as follows:

Bottle Rockets – Everett Johnson and Jaden Rush


Long Drain’s Fifth Place award was as follows:

Problem Solving – Leah Delaney and Everett Johnson


Hundred High School’s First Place recipients were the following:

3D Animation – Brandon Rine and Zack Hostutler

Animatronics – Issac Price, Chris Rine, Adam Stevens

Children’s Stories – Allie Hawkins, Aubrie Hawkins, and Adalyn Conway

Coding – Cole Henderson and Matthew Reilley

Dragster Design – Rachel Snedden

Forensic Science – Tori Hawkins and Kayley Davis

Prepared Presentation – Jocelyn Prado

Promotional Marketing – Rachel Snedden

Transportation Modeling – Hunter Tustin

Bottle Rocket – Addie Tuttle and Iris Woodward


Hundred High School’s Second Place honorees were the following:

Architectural Design – Cody Soles, Travis McCoy, Joseph White

Board Game Design – Rachel Snedden and Hunter Tustin

Dragster Design – Cody Soles

Scientific Visualization (SciVis) – Zack Hostutler and Brandon Rine

Video Game Design – Cole Henderson and Matthew Reilley

Chapter Team – Cole Henderson, Hunter Tustin, Tori Hawkins, Joseph White, Adam Stevens, Aaron Stevens


HHS’ Third Place recipients were the following:

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) – Zack Hostutler, Cody Soles, Cole Miller

Dragster Design – Travis McCoy

Fashion Design – Casey Hendereson, Billy Lemasters, and Rachel Snedden

Music Production – Billy Lemasters and Joseph White

Bottle Rocket – Matthew Reilley and Aaron Stevens

Catapult Design – Cole Miller, Isaac Price, Chris Rine, and Colton Whitehill