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Matters Addressed By Judge Cramer

By Staff | May 2, 2018

Several matters were addressed by Judge Jeffrey Cramer at recent sessions of Wetzel County Circuit Court.

Benjamin Ray Highley, 47, of HC 60 Box 47B, Glen Easton appeared in court April 27 for a sentencing hearing. Highley had previous pleaded guilty to the felony offense of altering a vehicle identification number with fraudulent intent.

Judge Cramer sentenced Highley to one to five years in prison. Cramer said the pre-sentencing report on Highley showed he had been continually using methamphetamine while on supervised bond.

Cramer said he will consider a rule 35 motion for early release at the appropriate time and will have Highley evaluated for drug court. Highley was remanded to jail to begin his sentence.

Ryan Nicklaus Richmond, 24, of 639 Wise Acres Road, New Martinsville, was in court April 27 on a motion of early release. Richmond had been serving time on drug-related offenses involving heroin and methamphetamine. He was previously sentenced to 1-15 years in prison. He became eligible for the rule 35 motion after serving five months in prison.

On Friday, his early release was granted. On May 3 he is to report to the probation office to begin three years of supervised probation; he must complete drug court. He was remanded to jail until May 3, at 9 a.m.

Larry Paul Cork III, who had previously pleaded guilty to breaking and entering churches in the New Martinsville area, was in court for a sentencing hearing before Judge Cramer. Cork’s attorney, Brett Ferro, asked the court to allow his client to have probation. Ferro stated Cork had a job waiting and would be able to get his driver’s license back. Cramer, however, sentenced Cork to 1-10 years in prison with credit for time served. Judge Cramer told Cork he could petition the court for early release when appropriate. Cork also would be evaluated for drug court. Part of his sentence was an order to make restitution of around $3,600. He was remanded to jail to finish his sentence.

Crystal Lynn Aston, 38, of 664 Maple Avenue, New Martinsville, pleaded no contest April 24 to a lesser-included first offense domestic battery. She was originally charged with malicious assault and had tested positive for methamphetamine at her previous hearing and remanded to jail.

Judge Cramer, on Tuesday, sentenced her to 12 months in the Northern Regional Jail with credit for time served of 121 days. She was remanded to finish her sentence.

Mitchell Lee Erb, 32, of 911 Pioneer Community Road, St. Marys, previously charged with a felony offense of receiving stolen goods, pleaded guilty by information on April 24 to the misdemeanor offense of joy riding. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail with credit for time served of 222 days. He was remanded to finish his sentence.