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Cecil, Eastham Vie For Chief Position

By Staff | Apr 25, 2018

The Wetzel Chronicle mailed questions to all political candidates in New Martinsville’s Municipal Election to be held Tuesday, May 8.

Current New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil is running for re-election. He is being opposed by Daniel Eastham.

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil is 47-years-old and is a lifelong, born and raised, resident of New Martinsville. He grew up on North Street and has resided a block away, on Eliza Street, for the past 14 years.

Chief Cecil is married to Maureen (Winkler) Cecil. Together, the two have been very blessed with four beautiful children – Lakyn, 22; Autumn, 19; Gabby, 18; and Kolbee, 15. The Cecils also have a Golden Retriever, Paris.

Chief Cecil graduated from MHS with the Class of 1988. He then enlisted in the United States Military and served three years active duty in the Army, and five years inactive with the National Guard. During that time, Cecil earned his associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from WVU at Parkersburg. He then went on to work at Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation.

Cecil said he worked at Ormet until “the opportunity arose and my family and I decided I should follow in the footsteps of my uncle, the late Carl Kocher.”

Daniel Eastham is currently employed at Bethlehem PD (Wheeling Area) as a Patrolman. Eastham has worked at West Liberty University PD, McMechen PD, and Brooke County Sheriff’s Office, where he became a West Virginia certified law enforcement officer in 2015.

Eastham has recently received his Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security at Waldorf University.

Eastham said his campaign focuses on dedication, integrity, and professionalism in public safety. Eastham’s agenda consists of tackling the drug problem, by doing more patrols, traffic enforcement and better communication with the public.

**Why do you want to be New Martinsville’s police chief, and what makes you qualified to serve in that capacity?

* Tim Cecil: Since I was in high school, I have wanted to be New Martinsville’s Police Chief. Looking back, I guess it was the influence of my Uncle, the late Carl Kocher, that led me to want to follow in his footsteps. He was a good man, involved in our community and always there when you needed him. He taught you lessons and it wasn’t always easy lessons, he was stern but fair. Observing his actions throughout the years, I knew that was exactly who and what I wanted to be. I wanted to make a difference in others’ lives and help to protect and serve the town I grew up in. In 2003, the voters of this wonderful community that I reside in, made that dream come true and elected me as Chief.

As for what makes me qualified to serve as Police Chief, I believe 15 years of experience already in this position, my background in the US Army and National Guard, and my degree in Criminal Justice has helped me to be successful in carrying out my duties as Chief while managing NMPD. Also, the ongoing certification classes, workshops and seminars I attend to better myself and my department, and the self-development and resourcesfulness are necessary when managing a department.

I am a hands-on Chief that works around the clock. I never have my officers perform a duty that I will not do myself. I continue to be at the top of the department in leading arrests every year. I am not an office-dwelling Chief. I am out patrolling our streets and visible to the public.

I am an available Chief, answering my phone all hours of the night, either responding to back up my officers, going to help someone who needs some assistance in getting home, or talking to someone who just needs a friendly voice to hear their concerns.

* Daniel Eastham: I have chosen to run as New Martinsville’s Chief of Police, after growing up in the area and serving on the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department for a few years, prior to receiving a law enforcement job out of the area. Over my years of living in New Martinsville, I have seen an increase in crimes being committed. I would like to bring my experience I have gained back to New Martinsville from a more proactive approach in tackling these current issues in the city. I am giving the citizens of New Martinsville opportunity to make the change in leadership that is needed to make the city a safer place for everyone. If elected, New Martinsville Police Department will be my only job, so I can dedicate my time giving back to the city, where I live and call home.

As for my qualifications to serve as Chief of Police, consist of my experience as a certified officer that was received from the West Virginia State Police Academy. While I continue to work in law enforcement at two police departments in the Wheeling Area, full time and part-time. This has allowed myself to learn from some great leaders in my current and past police departments. Last, I have a bachelor degree in criminal justice/ homeland security that taught me different styles of management in the criminal justice system. Also, I have attended many other law enforcement trainings. Some of these courses are the FBI – Crisis Negotiator Course, Ohio State Highway Patrol – Criminal Interdiction Course, and the West Virginia Narcotics Officers Association Conference, just to name a few.

**Give a specific example of a time when you were proud of your work.

* Tim Cecil: Having been the Chief for the last 15 years, there is not a time that I can say that I wasn’t proud of the work I have done. I show nothing but pride for this community and the job that I do. I guess my proudest moment is knowing that this town has put the trust in faith in me for the last 15 years to be their Chief of Police.

* Daniel Eastham: Over my years of serving as a police officer, there have been many times I was proud of my work. While I cannot just give just one example, here are two memorable moments. Recently, I worked a case of a missing juvenile who had left a suicide note. I passed on information to the surrounding agencies to be on the lookout for the missing juvenile, possible suspects, and a possible vehicle involved, later we located the juvenile alive. The juvenile was with one of the suspects in the vehicle that we were looking for during a traffic stop. The suspect had a warrant and was arrested. After working this case it ended up closing two cases. The second example had occurred while I was patrolling the streets. I was stopped by a resident that advised me they had a dog that came off its leash. Shortly after checking some other areas for the dog with no results, I stopped to check in at a gas station and spoke to a gas station attendant, I brought up about a missing dog. The gas station attendant advised me that a lady had stopped in telling him that she picked up a loose dog along the road. The lady left her contact information with the gas station attendant, in case the owner stops in to inquire about a missing dog. I went back to the resident’s house and provided them with the information. The joy of getting to help the people get their dog back was priceless. As the dog was like a family member to these people. In short, every day I work in the law enforcement field, I am proud to be able to serve the people and help them solve problems both big and small.