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Board Is New Member Of Conservancy

By Staff | Apr 18, 2018


The Richard Evans Conservancy has added a new member, David Board, of Woodsfield, Ohio. Board is a semi-retired professional airplane pilot and will serve as a Community Organizer for the Conservancy.

The Conservancy was established in 2016 by H. John Rogers and Dr. James Rogers of Cortez, Colorado. James Rogers is an outdoors enthusiast.

At this time the goals of the Conservancy are to free Fishing Creek and its banks from all litter and debris and establish a stream monitoring program.

The Rogers brothers grew up in Reader, West Virginia, and they recall a time when Fishing Creek was a veritable “open sewer.” Their fear is the oil and gas industry will return Fishing Creek to this condition, which led to the establishment of the Conservancy.

Richard Evans himself is currently retired in the gated community of Niceville, Florida.

Dr. Sean Rogers of Morgantown (and son of James) is currently Chairman of the Conservancy, and the current Executive Director is J.D. King, of New Martinsville.

A public meeting will be held within the next 60 days for the purpose of seeking local volunteers to help with the program. Speakers at the meeting will include Martin J. Christ, Northern Basin Co-Coordindator, West Virgina Department of Environmental Protection. The mission of the Conservancy is to defend Fishing Creek against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Contact has been made with a student program at WJU and an Orthodox Jewish religious group at WVU. Some monitoring of the Creek has already begun with the help of canoes, kayaks, and hikers.

For more information call David Board at 740-827-3836 or Litter Control, Rob Snyder at 304-771-226. The Conservancy is headquartered at 317 Foundry Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155-1142.