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Sandy Hunt Eyes New Martinsville City Recorder Position

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018


Sandy Hunt has announced her candidacy for the position of New Martinsville City Recorder.

As City Recorder, Hunt would keep the open door policy in place and would like to see more transparency in local government; to go beyond state requirements and post meeting times and agendas on social media; have an email list for those who prefer to be contacted via email; and a text list for those who prefer to receive their notifications via text.

Hunt would also encourage pursuit of Home Rule or Alternative Municipal Sales & Service Tax. She believes a 1% sales tax is a fairer approach to taxation than additional fees or business and occupation taxes. Under Home Rule, the municipality is required to reduce or eliminate the B & O tax or the municipality can repeal B & O and implement the alternative sales, service and use tax; Hunt believes the B & O tax to be anti-business and a hindrance to economic development.

Before supporting raising taxes, Hunt would look at every line item in the budget with the respective department heads and look for places where there is waste or underutilization of current assets. She knows every business must go through this periodically to make the best use of what funds are being generated. Any savings generated could be put into a reserve fund for capital improvements and equipment replacement.

Hunt would want the city to work with business owners to pursue the opportunity to create business redevelopment districts. The business owners can create a governing board; this will require time commitment from board members, a plan for redevelopment, and public meetings to garner support for these efforts. Details can be found in the State Code.

And last, but not least, she knows that all of the above will help create a higher quality of life for New Martinsville’s citizens and help improve the city so that it is attractive to those who might visit, and in turn, might decide that New Martinsville is a wonderful place to live. Businesses are attracted to places that attract people. Hunt says, ” Let’s make New Martinsville the most attractive community around!”

Hunt has been married to Steve Hunt for 41 years and has worked in the jewelry business along with him as his bookkeeper, utilizing her training in the accounting field. The Hunts have two children and two grandchildren. Currently, Sandy Hunt is President and Chief Executive of the Wetzel County CVB and Museum.