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Pine Grove Council Discusses Utility Theft

By Staff | Mar 21, 2018

During Pine Grove’s monthly meeting, Mayor Barbara King informed council that utility theft is a crime that is occurring in Pine Grove.

“People have been getting into the sewer pits and stealing water meters and hooking them up where they have been disconnected. I have called the sheriff and there is a law called ‘theft of utilities,’ but we have to catch them,” King remarked.

Council speculated on the various ways this crime can possibly occur. King said the problem is out of control and if anyone is caught, the city plans to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, King emphasized that residents should only put toilet tissue in the sewer systems. If anyone is found putting anything other than the toilet tissue in the sewer system, they can be arrested.

Mayor King announced to council that she has contacted Don Yeager of the West Virginia Workforce youth program. King requested three older teenagers to volunteer their efforts over the summer. If the town is able to obtain the help, the teens will help clean up the town, paint the streets, put up the street signs and other odd jobs. If the plan comes to fruition, King has offered to give up her summer in order to supervise the youth, and she’s requested that council help with supervision. The teens will volunteer Monday through Friday.

During the discussion, King noted that Wetzel County OEM Director Ed Sapp applied for a grant through West Virginia Workforce, which will provide volunteers to clean debris up along the streams.

During the last meeting, Mayor King presented council with the plan of action for the violations against the sewer system. The plan of action was sent to the DEP. King said the engineers have already worked on correcting some of the violations and they are currently in good standing with the DEP.

“We are starting to look good. It will take a little bit of time,” King commented.

In other news, King requested permission from council to remove junk at the end of Alley Addition. She contacted two individuals to claim the junk, but the individuals denied that they were the owners. King knows someone that will remove the junk. A motion was made to remove the trash and not the trailer until council can find the owner.

City Recorder Rhonda Spencer completed the yearly town budget with a final figure of $197,331. Council approved the budget in Spencer’s writing and made a motion for it to be typed and submitted to the state.

Council Member Cindy Figlar announced that an individual has been making verbal purchases over the phone without an approved purchase order. Council made a motion in the past that all purchases require an approved purchase order.

In another matter, in an agreement with CSX Railroad, King made a motion to close the section of the property by Steve and Connie Nixon’s down on Emma Street to the creek.