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Wetzel County Holds High School Math Field Day

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018
Pictured in front row are Via Anderson, Sophie Palmer, Kaitlyn Hamrick, and Kayna Anderson. Pictured in second row are Spencer McCardle, Nate Collins, and Kaitlyn McIlvain. Third Row are Chalea Cottrill, Emma Beatty, Olivia Mensore, Lexie Kernan, Hunter Riley. Fourth row are Matthew Gaiser, Trace Freed, Josh Rice, and Niko Glover.
Pictured in front row are Emmalee Estep, Jacob Thorpe, and Madelyn Winters. Second row are Rachel Price, Makayla Floyd, Presley Pierce, and Woodson London

Wetzel County Senior Math Field Day was held Friday, Feb. 2, at Paden City High School. Fifty students representing Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, and Valley High Schools competed. Two competitions were held: a ninth grade competition and a 10 12 grade competition. The ninth graders took a 60-minute written exam, answered 8 short-answer questions and competed in mental math exercises. The senior division took an hour-long written test and answered 10 short-answer questions.

Winners at the ninth grade level were: Presley Pierce (PCHS) first place; Jacob Thorpe (MHS) second place; Madelyn Winters (MHS) third place; Woodson London (MHS) fourth place. Alternates at the ninth grade level were: Rachel Price (PCHS) first alternate; Emmalee Estep (MHS) second alternate; Makayla Floyd (VHS) third alternate.

The senior division names ten winners. The winners of the senior division are as follows: Josh Rice (MHS) first place; Sophie Palmer (VHS) second place; Niko Glover (PCHS) third place; Via Anderson (MHS) fourth place; Spencer McCardle (MHS) fifth place; Hunter Riley (MHS) sixth place; Kaitlyn Hamrick (MHS) seventh place; Nate Collins (VHS) eighth place; Chalea Cottrill (HHS) ninth place; and Olivia Mensore (MHS) tenth place.

Senior division alternates are: Kayna Anderson (MHS) first alternate; Lexie Kernan (MHS) second alternate; Emma Beatty (VHS) third alternate; Matthew Gaiser (MHS) fourth alternate; Kaitlyn McIlvain (MHS) fifth alternate; and Trace Freed (VHS) sixth alternate.

All winners will advance to Regional Competition at Wheeling Park High School on Saturday, March 24.