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H. John Rogers Announces Candidacy For BOE

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

H. John Rogers

H. John Rogers, a resident of the Brooklyn area of New Martinsville, has announced his candidacy for the Wetzel County Board of Education .

Rogers is excited about the possible opportunity to serve Wetzel County as a member of the BOE and believes he has much to offer Wetzel County Schools and its students at every level.

Born and raised in Wetzel County, Rogers attended Reader High School. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard Law School.

He stated Wetzel County Schools Superintendent Ed Toman is the best superintendent in his lifetime. His only fear is someone will try to steal him away.

“I view my candidacy as a referendum on prayer in WCS. If I get two other votes on the BOE, I will get it done (or I will resign).

Rogers said he would like to leave to his 18-year-old daughter, a better Wetzel County than the one he received from his parents. “At the current rate, by the time the O&G people and the dope dealers get done with us, all that’s going to be left is sawdust and popcorn boxes.”

According to Rogers, that is how Brooklyn looked after the old Thomas Joyland shows left town when he was a young man. “I used to hitchhike in from Reader on Saturday night and help tear down and pack up.”

He said he has been sober since May 25, 1982 and nearly everything the authorities have done about drugs in school is counterproductive.

“They parade around some cleaned up junkie who tells how bad it was. This ends up romanticizing drugs; the kids think, ‘Hey, I can do a little dope and walk away from it.'”

Rogers believes they should bring down a “chain” of boys and girls from the NRJ dressed in orange and shackled, to show that “the wages of sin is death.”

“If elected, I will ask Betsy Jividen, the new Commissioner of Corrections, to let me bring Jessica Quinn back from Lakin Women’s Prison for a tour of PCHS, so she can tell them what her gateway drug was.”

Rogers said his skills have allowed him to be successful in keeping the worst criminal in the history of the state from being executed in Arizona. Most recently he kept the criminal from being murdered by other inmates at the Mt. Olive Penitentiary.

He promises to be a strong voice for keeping the four local high schools in Wetzel County.