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The Conklins Hold The Secret To Lasting Love

By Staff | Feb 14, 2018

Ralph and Jeannette Conklin

In a world where a lasting marriage can seem impossible, Ralph and Jeannette Conklin prove that true love makes it possible. The couple will celebrate 71 years together this October.

Jeannette is a native of Hundred, while Ralph grew up in Pennsylvania. Although the two had known each other in the past, it wasn’t until an evening out with friends when their love story began. Jeannette’s friends arranged for Ralph to accompany her for the night. From there, it was a whirlwind romance. The couple met in March, were engaged in June, and married in October of the same year.

When asked if it was love at first sight, Jeannette replied, “I don’t know. We just kind of liked each other, and it grew from there.”

Ralph said he knew he loved Jeannette by the second date.

There were no grand gestures for the proposal, just a simple discussion acknowledging that they were in love and wanted to get married.

They were married Oct. 12, 1947 at the Methodist Church in East View, PA. The wedding was small with only family attending. The couple resided in Hundred for eight years, eventually moving to Free Port, PA.

Before meeting Jeannette, Ralph served in the Navy. After the Navy, he worked as a school bus contractor, and Jeannette worked at a bank. The couple, now retired, spend the winter months in their home by the ocean in Jupiter, FL.

The Conklins don’t make a big deal over Valentine’s Day; however, they do celebrate their wedding anniversaries with a special dinner out.

The couple chuckled when recalling their twenty-fifth anniversary. Ralph accidentally planned a hunting trip in Canada during the milestone event.

“We were both sad that we weren’t going to be together,” Jeannette said.

Jeannette describes Ralph as a romantic man. When asked if they have a song, Ralph immediately replied, “To Each His Own.”

The couple’s opinions of what the secret is to their long lasting marriage are simple yet practical.

“We just really love each other, and we just both work at it. We have concern for the other person’s feelings. If you really love someone, it’s really hard to not be kind to them,” Jeannette commented. Ralph added, “We love each other and have always been good to one another.”

Jeannette said her husband’s best quality is his kindness.

“He really cares for others,” she remarked.

Jeannette asked Ralph his favorite quality about her. He replied, “Just being you.”