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Pine Grove Deals With Water, Sewer Repairs Due to Weather

By Staff | Jan 17, 2018

Pine Grove’s city employees were recently overloaded with water and sewer repairs, mainly due to the extreme weather conditions. Mayor Barbara King explained, during the Jan. 9 council meeting, that the employees were working as hard as they possibly can to rectify the issues.

It was explained that the recent frigid temperatures had resulted in several broken water meters and frozen water lines. King informed council that she will need to order approximately 10 new water meters, along with stands and several controllers. The plastic located at the bottom of the meters froze and eventually broke.

King said she believes workers will be able to rebuild some of the broken meters.

Mayor King said the town did have a few sewer problems mainly due to freezing conditions, but not as many as in the past.

A main water line broke in Alley Addition, next to a fire hydrant, causing the tank on Simpson Hill to drain within three hours. King said the town workers are unaware of what exactly caused the line to break.

In another matter, Council member Cindy Figlar announced at the last meeting that she would be writing a grant application in order to obtain a city police officer. After researching the town ordinance, she informed council that the city police officer must be a resident of Pine Grove. The ordinance also states that jurisdiction extends one mile outside of city limits, which increases the town’s chances of obtaining the grant due to the businesses located outside of the city limits – including the two Dominion plants.

“The more businesses incorporated, the more likely it is a safety issue,” Figlar said.

Council commended the idea. Figlar wants to include criminal activity in the area, such as break-ins with area businesses.

The council signed and accepted the final drawdown for Phase Two of the town’s sewer project. The resolution totaled $114,776.66. Of that total, $113, 551.66 goes to Danny Sullivan and $1,225 to Thrasher Group, Inc. The Small Cities Block Grant has a remaining balance of $25,836.09. King said Sullivan is calling the project a 100 percent completion. The only thing left to is clean-up, and that will be done in the spring after the weather improves.

Per a request from Wetzel County School’s Director of Facilities Brian Jones, regarding using the town’s ball field for the Valley High School girls softball team, the council agreed to lease the field to the school. The current lease for the ball field was terminated due to the lessor not fulfilling the terms and conditions agreed upon. In the request, Jones offered to clean-up the field, as well as the possibility of new bleachers and a scoreboard.

King also announced new hours for the Byrd Center. The center is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on Fridays unless there is an emergency.

After an executive session, the council agreed to hire another a city employee and bring another back that was laid off. The council also agreed to do maintenance on the water plant such as purchasing lights and repairing windows.