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Man Arrested For Fleeing And Meth

By Staff | Jan 11, 2018

Timothy Nottingham

Timothy Nottingham, 42, was arrested late Jan. 10 after allegedly fleeing from law enforcement officers.

According to New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil, Patrolman Jason Utt attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Nottingham for expired registration. Nottingham then accelerated his vehicle and began to flee from Utt.

Chief Cecil said Nottingham fled in his vehicle for approximately one-half mile before stopping at the Certified gas station in New Martinsville. He was then apprehended by gun point.

Cecil noted that the traffic stop was a “felony traffic stop.” He explained that when suspects run from law enforcement, “we don’t know what they have, or what they are doing.”

Patrolman Utt, assisted by Officer Timothy Chichick, did discover that Nottingham was in possession of methamphetamine, according to Chief Cecil.

Nottingham was subsequently charged with fleeing, driving on a suspended license, and possession. Cecil said Nottingham, who is now incarcerated at Northern Regional Jail, was out of prison on parole.