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Esther Crumbley Giveaway Spreads the Christmas Season

By Staff | Jan 3, 2018

These volunteers offer their time to hand out milk at the esther Crumbly Giveaway

Volunteers gathered Dec. 22 to hand out food and clothing items as part of the annual Esther Crumbley Giveaway. Approximately 450 families, or approximately 1,600 individuals, have been reached this year through the giveaway, which helps to place food on the table and make Christmas a bit merrier. Approximately 40 volunteers have assisted with the giveaway, making this season better for themselves and the community.

Chairman Ephram Wade would like to give a special thanks to Sprouse Windows, Witschey’s, McDonalds, Wetzel County Library, Wetzel County Commissioners, FFA, Bayer Credit Union, Precision Gas, local churches, and everyone who helped deliver or contribute to this year’s cause.

“It’s a good thing, and we want to keep on going, and we hope everything works out,” stated Wade. He continued, “Without these volunteers, this wouldn’t be happening”. Wade has been assisting with the Esther Crumbley giveaway for approximately 40 years and feels the community needs to know about this event because it is such a good cause, affecting those close to home. Wade expressed demands get bigger every year, and he would like to see even more people and businesses contribute to the cause.

There were approximately 4,000 pounds of potatoes and 600 hams given away to the community, as well as 425 pounds of butter. Grocery bags were packed with noodles, beans, apples, oranges, stuffing, coco, canned goods and other items. Larger families were given larger grocery bags, with even more items to help provide for their families this winter. Precision Gas donated several new coats to the cause, as well as hats, gloves and scarves.

Some of the volunteers that helped out with the giveaway include the following: Cindy Wade, Amanda Fox, Roxann Campbell, Carrie Pyles, Rachael Graham, Aiden Fluharty, Elise McIntire, Lemoine Klug, Hope Cooper, Matthew Michael, Sydney Clegg, Caitlin Stewart, Ethan Coulter, Levi Goddard, Ephram Wade, Bruce Taylor, Rick Catseel, William Nice, Garrett Fox, Cameron Stillwagoner, Jarod Durig, Michael Estep, Will Akers, Brody Cartwright, Tyler White, Devon Knight, Sarah Wade, Ashton Wade, Remington Wade, Gauge Wade, John Pierce, MariJo Tedesco, Judy Pastilong, Nannett Raber, Tom Raber, Dan Pastilow, Brian and Miranda Rogers, Don and Hana Biram, Carolyn Yoho, Carson Yoho, Raeanna Richard, Tammy Tedrow, Ashley Staley, Melissa Yoho, Kim Frum, Mindy King, Kari Smith, Pastor Sean Smith, Pastor Don Biram, Pastor Sharlette Green, Pastor Judy Vetter, Barbara Powell, Babs Stewart, Mary Toth. Organizers wanted to thank all of those who contributed and helped make this year’s Christmas much merrier, for so many people.