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Folsom VFD Demonstrates Self-Loading Cots For Commission

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017

During the regular Wetzel County Commission meeting on Dec 19, Jimmy Glasscock and Jimmy Glasscock II of the Folsom Volunteer Fire Department stopped by to demonstrate how their the department’s new self-loading cots work. They purchased a total of two cots that were paid for in part by a $100,000 grant from the Wetzel County Commission.

The self-loading cots can accommodate bariatric patents up to 700 pounds. The cots are self-loading, which means that the equipment can lift patients into the ambulance without assistance. It cost approximately $50,000 for each ambulance to be equipped with the self-loading cots. Wetzel County will be the primary county benefiting from the new equipment, but Glasscock II did remark that they would be willing to travel to other counties if necessary.

In other commission business, Carol Haught, Wetzel County Clerk, approached the commission regarding the purchase of roller shelving for the new office space that was formerly the surveyor’s office.

There is a total of three rooms that Haught would like to install with shelving. She would like to install roller shelving, as well as counter shelving, in room one. In room two she only needs roller shelving, and in room three she has would like open shelving.

The new roller and counter top shelves would help accommodate the large land books that are required by code to preserve, and the open shelves would be used to store permanent records, such as checks and purchase orders.

Haught remarked, “I’m opposed to purely scanned images I’m a paper person, so even if we were at some point able to get scanned images of the land books, as long as I’m here, we’ll still be keeping the paper.”

She continued, “Technically, if you go back and look at the archival records and everything, the type of record that has the most longevity is paper.”

Haught has received an estimate of $40,440 to shelve rooms one and two, and an additional $1,100 to shelve room three, from Casto and Harris. This amount will include delivery and installation of the shelves. Haught did note that this was just a preliminary estimate, and the project would have to be put up for bid because it will exceed $15,000.

The commission voted to put $50,000 in the county clerk budget for the purchase and installation of the roller shelving.

The next regular commission meeting is scheduled for Dec 26.