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Pine Grove Discusses Work Permits

By Staff | Dec 20, 2017

At the town’s regular Dec. 12 council meeting, Pine Grove Mayor Barbara King said FEMA wants all towns to require residential and non-residential work permits. King went on to say that a Dec. 8 messy situation could have been prevented had the town required work permits.

“If we would have known there was work being done, which we didn’t… I called Miss Utility and they were not notified in the past ten days, and that’s the only information they would give me. The cement truck would not have backed into Mr. Smith’s driveway and would have not broken the water lines, because we would have had time to mark the water lines,” said King.

The busted water lines caused around four inches of water to cover the highway. With the cold temperatures, the water froze as soon as it hit the highway. King called 911 to request traffic control and requested emergency services to contact the state road so they could could salt the icy highway.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. that Friday evening and wasn’t resolved until Saturday evening around 8:30 p.m. Nearby residents were without water during this time period.

King suggested that the city not charge for the permits, but to just use them for informational purposes. The permits will be on the agenda for the January council meeting.

King announced that most residents, affected by the most recent sewage project, are now hooked into the new sewage system. The few remaining residents and businesses should be done by the end of next week.

“We really are on the downside. And of course they will come back in the spring and do tidying up and grass and everything like that,” said King.

Mayor King said that she was approached about the possibility of trying to get a grant for some cookware and some items for the kitchen in the Byrd Center. King received the approval of council to move forward in obtaining more information on the grant. The matter will be tabled until the mayor receives further information.

On the matter of grants, King said council member Cindy Figlar’s job, for the beginning of the year, is to write a grant to try to obtain a part-time cop for Pine Grove.

King said security was really needed during the town’s Christmas parade.

“Your crazy mayor was dressed in grinch green. She was standing at the top of town hill, flapping her arms and making people turn around, because they were trying to drive through town, and I almost got hit,” said King

In another matter, the council approved to purchase ceiling tiles for the banquet hall in the Byrd Center. The tiles will be purchased with money collected from a business that didn’t pay for business licenses over the past 12 years.

King announced that the Byrd Center could possibly be losing a renter on the first of the year. If that does occur, King said she would like to paint and clean the area. She also discussed various possibilities for the area if they can’t find renters.

In other business, the November meeting minutes were approved along with the monthly bills.