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Woman With Airsoft Gun Causes Lockdown

By Staff | Nov 16, 2017

Police responded to a call at the Travelers Inn in New Martinsville on Thursday, Nov. 16. The call, concerning a woman with a gun, caused a lockdown at New Martinsville School. The gun turned out to be an air-soft gun.

A lockdown occurred for approximately 20 minutes at New Martinsville School on Nov. 16 due to a situation — thought to be dangerous — at the adjacent Travelers Inn.

The lockdown occurred at approximately 3:20 p.m. The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office and New Martinsville Police Department responded to the scene, with the West Virginia State Police also in progress to the scene.

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil said a woman was spotted with what appeared to be an assault rifle pointed at the school. The weapon was later discovered to be an airsoft gun.

Chief Cecil said Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office deputies detained the female suspect, and after discovering the weapon was an airsoft gun, the lockdown was released.

Cecil said the woman reported she was waiting on her significant other, so they could play with their airsoft guns. The woman and her significant other were staying at the hotel.

Chief Cecil said the woman has been charged with public intoxication, as she had been drinking.

The rest of the matter is under investigation at this time.

Superintendent Ed Toman confirmed that the precautionary lockdown took place. He said buses were being loaded at the time; however, after an emergency call alerting the school to the situation, the school decided to pause the release of students. Students stayed in the school until the lockdown was released.

Airsoft guns are described as pellet guns designed to look just like real machine guns, rifles, and hand guns. They are used for paintball-style gaming, target practice, firearms training, and more.