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BOE Talks Maintenance Projects Throughout County

By Staff | Sep 13, 2017

Several matters were addressed and approved at the Wetzel County Board of Education’s Sept. 5 meeting. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance recitation, led by representatives of New Martinsville’s Girl Scouts.

In other matters, Brian Jones, Director of Facilities for Wetzel County Schools, provided the board of education with an overview of maintenance projects, throughout the county.

Jones said the school system uses an electronic program to input maintenance requests – “SchoolDude.” Jones said the state purchased this program for all counties. Jones said, since the beginning of the school year, there have been 645 SchoolDude entries for Wetzel County Schools. As of the board meeting, only 28 of these requests had not been completed. Jones said, since the beginning of the year, the riverfront schools had 270 SchoolDude entries. As of the meeting, only seven had not been completed.

Jones then provided a slideshow presentation to the board, showcasing maintenance work that had been completed at the schools. Jones remarked on the improvements made at Hundred’s athletic complex.

Though the floods of July 28-29 delayed the work, the installation of the bleachers and press box at the Hornets’ football field, is still happening. Jones said the “footers” have been “poured” for the press box, though he is not sure of the status on the footers for the bleachers.

Jones said he is still requesting that the installation of the press box and bleachers be completed by Sept. 22.

Hundred High School, itself, received repairs to railings. Jones said the railings now go all the way to the school’s gymnasium. Furthermore, the gymnasium received a window replacement, as well as repairs to the roof. The gymnasium itself was also repainted, and the school received an upgrade to its greenhouses.

Due to flooding, Long Drain School’s gymnasium floor suffered damages. Jones said the entire gymnasium floor was replaced, and he hoped the project would be completed by that Friday.

Long Drain also lost 150 to 200 tons of pea gravel at its complex. This had to be replaced as well.

As part of regular summer maintenance improvements, the restrooms at LDS were re-tiled, and a new switch panel was installed at LDS.

Magnolia saw new improvements in the form of the replacement of traffic lights. The high school facility also received a refinishing of its floors. Lockers were also replaced in the school’s locker room. There was also a new bathroom stall installed.

The creek was “dredged” alongside New Martinsville School, and a new “roll gate” was also installed at the school’s fencing. New Martinsville School’s track was also re-surfaced, and the K-1 gymnasium walls were painted.

Jones noted that the gym floors are “re-coated” every summer at all of the schools.

Paden City Elementary School’s carpet was replaced in favor of tile, in several rooms at the school. Jones said tile is “tremendously cleaner.” The school also received new gravel, and Jones said all schools now have LED signs outside of the buildings.

Jones said the remodel at Paden City High School is not yet completed. Though the second floor was prioritized to be finished first, “the exact opposite happened.”

Non-skid tile was installed on the incline inside the school; Jones remarked that there are also no entries from the incline. Paden City High School has also received a new roof, along with new roofing on the multi-purpose building.

At the Wetzel County Center for Children and Families, several murals were painted over. Jones remarked that the building had not been painted for more than 10 years. Now, the hallways are painted, and an additional maintenance building has been organized there, for county maintenance employees. Drainwork was also completed at WCCCF, so that busses could be plugged in.

Valley High School’s hallways and stairways saw fresh coats of paint, while a house, near Valley High School, was purchased and leveled, to make more room for parking.

Short Line School saw new tile in the girls dressing room, and the Engineers also saw new informational screens installed in the SLS gymnasium.

Countywide, several pieces of old furniture was removed. Also, large, bright colored “dots” were installed at the bus garage, on the pavement. Jones explained that this allows drivers to adjust their mirrors into proper location.

“The maintenance crew does an amazing job,” remarked Board Member Mike Blair, of all the improvements.

Of July 28-29 flood damages, Superintendent Ed Toman explained that school officials had met with FEMA all day on Sept. 5. He said FEMA officials were eager to help the school system in anyway.

“It was an impressive learning experience,” Toman said of the meeting.

In other board happenings, the following matters were approved at the Sept. 5 meeting:

Personnel Matters:


Richard K. Baker, acceptance of resignation from position as girls’ track coach at Valley High School, effective Aug. 17.

Jeremy D. Bucher, acceptance of resignation from position as head baseball coach at VHS, effective immediately.

Perry D. Bucher, acceptance of resignation from position as assistant baseball coach at VHS, effective immediately.

Thomas C. Durig, acceptance of resignation from position as bus operator, effective Aug. 19.

Anita M. Howell, acceptance of resignation from position as 5/6 academic coach at New Martinsville School, effective immediately.

David C. Riggle, acceptance of resignation from position as seventh and eighth grade boys’ basketball coach at Paden City High School, effective Aug. 17.

Kasey L. Sapp, acceptance of resignation from positions as athletic director and 7/8 girls’ basketball coach at Long Drain School, effective immediately.

Tracy D. Shriver, acceptance of resignation from position as countywide substitute supervisory teacher aide, effective Aug. 23.

Rebecca M. Spicher, acceptance of resignation from position as general science/biology teacher at Hundred High School, effective pending replacement.

Professional Personnel:

Crystal C. Allen, approval for change in assignment from half-time mathematics and half-time chemistry teacher at HHS to general science/biology teacher at HHS, effective Sept. 6. On permit.

Alexa M. Isaly, approval for employment as countywide occupational therapist, 220-day contract, effective Aug. 21.

Shelly L. Lynch, appoval for employment as mathematics teacher at Magnolia High School, effective Aug. 18.

Service Personnel:

Cindy D. Aliff, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute supervisory teacher aide to supervisory teacher aide/one-on-one/Autism mentor, at NMS, effective Aug. 21.

Sara L. Eller, approval for change in assignment from suervisory teacher aide at HHS to superivsory teacher aide/ECAT Pre-K at New Martinsville School, effective Aug. 21.

Serena A. Huggins, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute supervisory teacher aide to supervisory teacher aide at HHS, effective Aug. 21.

Christopher L. McGinnis, approval for change in assignment from bus operator, Bus #14-4, Proctor/Grandview/North Paden City, to bus operator, Bus #17-4, Dutch/Whiskey Run/ Paden Fork/Paden City, effective Sept. 6.

Roberta A. Mercer, approval for change in assignment from supervisory teacher aide at NMS, to supervisory teacher aide/ECAT – kindergarten at NMS, effective Aug. 22.

Andrea D. Pittman, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute supervisory teacher aide to supervisory teacher aide/one-on-one at SLS, effective Aug. 22.

Melissa K. Starkey, approval for change in assignment from supervisory teacher aide/ECAT Pre-K at NMS to supervisor yteacher aide Bus 16-1, effective Aug. 18.


Joshua K. Fulks, approval for employment as 7-8 Boys’ Basketball Coach at PCHS, effective the beginning of the 2017-2018 WVSSAC Season.

Rebecca E. Patterson, approval for employment as Academic Support Coordinator (7-8) at PCHS effective Sept. 6.

Rebecca E. Patterson, approval for employment as Academic Support Coordinator (9-12) at PCHS, effective Sept. 6.

Approval of the following Chaperones/Volunteers for the 2017-2018 School Year:

Paden City High School: Brian Price, Michelle Leonard, Tom Leonard, Mary Ferrebee, Jenny Arnett, Michael Shreves, Lisa Shreves, Brian Rogers, Larry Tackett, Danielle Davis, Malinda Beverlin, Joseph Anderson, Ron Heasley, Susan Postlethwait, Kelly Schultheis, Kelly Goddard, and Missy Barker

Valley High School: Michael Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Pennie Baker, Crystal Baker, Greg Barnes, Melissa Bassett, Heather Bassett, Josh Bates, Angie Bennett, Heather Boston, Kari Brown, Jeremy Bucher, Terri Bucher, Chris Campbell, Ronald Conley, Leslie Cunningham, Louise Dallison, Rachel Fisher, Kimberly Floyd, Tasha Fluhary, Goldie Higgins, Michael Leek, Crystal Leek, Pete Lemley, Kelly Lloy,d Tracey Loy, Shelby Mason, Tamatha Melott, Jennifer Moore, Jami Morris, Monica Morris, Jeanine Palmer, Margaret Pritchett, Mary Jane Scyoc, Marsha Shannon, Jenny Shannon, Kimberly Shatney, April Tedrow, Stephanie Tedrow, Joyce Uetlschy, Melanie Utt, Cindy Wade, David Williams, Rita Wood, and Laura Yoho.

Fund Raisers: Per advisement of the board’s legal counsel, the superintendent recommends that the board approve the following groups/organizations to raise funds (Monies) in the name of a particular school in Wetzel County:

Paden City High School: Paden City Boosters, Varsity/Middle School Football, Varsity/Middle School Girls/Boys Basketball, Varsity/Middle School Cheerleaders, Cross Country, Baseball/Softball, Track, Golf, Volleyball, Band Patrons, Art, 8th Grade Field Trip, Theater, Prom Committee, and Archery Club

Magnolia High School: Magnolia High School Athletic Boosters, New Martinsville Band Patrons, Magnolia Big Blue Baseball Backers, Magnolia High School Cheer Parents, Magnolia High School Football Boosters, Magnolia Roundball Patrons/Golf, Magnolia High School Soccer Boosters, Magnolia Roundball Patrons/Basketball, Blue Eagles Wrestling Club, and Acers Volleyball Boosters

Approval of First Reading of Revised Wetzel County Policy GCB: Employee Contracts and Compensation Plans:

Date and Time of Next Meeting:

Sept. 18, 6:30 p.m. – County Office

Sept. 25, 6:30 p.m. – Long Drain School (LSIC)

Oct. 2, 6:30 p.m. – County Office

Oct. 9, 6:30 p.m. – Paden City Elementary (LSIC)

Oct. 16, 6:30 p.m. – County Office

Oct. 23, 6:30 p.m. – Short Line School (LSIC)