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FEMA Releases Funding Numbers

By Staff | Sep 5, 2017

These are the latest numbers on funding made available from FEMA to assist the 4 counties in West Virginia in recovery from the recent flooding disaster:

* Total for Individuals and Households program is approaching nearly $2 Million dollars at $1,988,737

* Of that amount the largest portion has been for Housing Assistance at $1,671,658

* Rental Assistance is $219,276

* Other Needs Assistance is now at $317,078 and of that amount $282,369 has been for replacement of personal property

* And $30,000 is for Transportation (Replacement for flooded vehicles mostly)

It is very important that Survivors understand the need to complete the US Small Business Disaster Loan Application. After registering for Disaster Assistance from FEMA

They will be given a SBA Loan Application, completing that application is key to receiving assistance. SBA loans are not just for businesses. Homeowners and Renters are eligible for these loans as well. FEMA grant funds are not loans and do not have to be repaid but they are limited to approx. $33,000. That is the MAXIMUM grant amount, usually not enough to rebuild a home, it will help survivors find temporary safe and secure housing but will not totally replace the losses they suffered. FEMA grants also do not supplant what your insurance company may pay on your claim.