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Pine Grove Under Boil Order Until Further Notice

By Staff | Jul 26, 2017

Pine Grove Mayor Barbara King has confirmed that the Town of Pine Grove is under a boil order until further notice.

King said the issue with the water system stems from a motor that has broken.

Currently Public Service District One’s water is pumping into Pine Grove’s system.

King said bottles of water are available for residents at the town’s Byrd Center. The Pine Grove Byrd Center is open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

King reported that the town’s water operator will be meeting with a company to see if a new motor, or parts to fix the problem, can be located.

The health department has also been in contact with the town. King said the health department has told town officials that the problem must be fixed soon due to the upcoming school year.

In regards to the town’s sewage system, King said the system is “up and running.” She said due to issues with the water system, however, the town “lost about all of the water in our tanks.” King said town employees have been working diligently on the current issues with the water and have not had the time to go to everyone’s home to make necessary adjustments to sewer pits, which could possibly explain why residents may still be experiencing raw sewage in their basements. King said she personally has not seen any sewage in basements.

The problems with Pine Grove’s water system come almost immediately after the town struggled with a dysfunctional sewage system. In mid-June, a pump on the town’s sewage system became inoperable. For several days residents were asked not to flush their toilets, take short showers, or wash their dishes.

King said several issues have been discovered while attempting to fix the problem. She noted that debris had been found in the waste pits at the “vac plant.” King said the waste included “things that are certainly not supposed to be used in toilets, or water lines.”

During this time of trial, Dominion donated a brand new sewage system pump to the town. The town had also thanked MarkWest, Erb Electric, Energy Transport, RDR Energy, and Gumps Septic, along with town workers, for donations and extra time put toward the town’s sewage system.