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Local Boy’s Act of Kindness Makes Lasting Impression

By Staff | Jul 26, 2017

Young Huckleberry left quite the impression on some members of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

The power of social media was evident last week as a young Wetzel County boy, and a motorcycle rider from New York, connected from miles apart.

Huckleberry Henderson and Chris Robinson, along with three other fellow friends of Robinson, met briefly on Sunday, July 16 at New Martinsville’s Wal-Mart. However, Henderson left quite the impression, a mark that led Robinson and his friends to social media, to try to contact Henderson again.

Robinson is a member of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. PUNISHERS L.E.M.C. is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club whose members consist of current Law Enforcement, retired Law Enforcement, Firefighters, active EMS personnel, active and retired Military and a select few like minded individuals who possess the highest moral and ethical values; uncompromised integrity, trust, and dedication.

The group has more than 1000 members in 121 chapters, spread throughout 14 countries. The non-profit organization, throughout the year, raises money for different organizations and causes.

Robinson made a Facebook post Wednesday morning noting that on a recent voyage, members of his chapter met a lot of great people, “but none so nice as a little boy named Huckleberry.”

Photos Provided Benton Ketron, Chris Robinson, Justin DeTota, and Joe Chambrone — These riders rode through the local area on July 16, meeting Huckleberry Henderson. Missing from photo is Melissa Morris.

The riders, on July 16, were on their way home from the Punishers National summer rally, where they participate in the Ride for Fallen Officers in Canal Winchester. The riders were headed to York, Pennsylvania to tour the Harley Factory.

The group was traveling Ohio 536 South, headed toward Hannibal. DeTota “low-sided his bike and slid across a corner into the grass.”

Robinson, on Facebook, explained how fellow rider Justin DeTota had a mishap.

He had then explained, “We went to a Wal-Mart in New Martinsville, West Virginia. Huckleberry and his mom were in their car when we got there. Huckleberry was very concerned about the cuts and scrapes on Justin’s arms.”

“Come to find out, Huckleberry’s father rides a motorcycle as well.”

Photo Provided Chris Robinson posted this photo on Facebook Wednesday, July 19, asking for help in locating the little boy who had left these gifts to a fellow biker.

Huckleberry ended up leaving a note for Justin, along with some bandaids and an Olive Garden gift certificate.

“This is the nicest thing I’ve ever seen,” Robinson said, requesting that his post be shared to “make it go viral.”

“I want Huckleberry to know Justin is just fine, and I want to get him a t-shirt and hat to show our appreciation.”

Little did Robinson know, the experience also left an impression on Huckleberry and his mom, Belinda.

Belinda took to social media, prior to Robinson’s post. After arriving home Sunday evening she wrote how people are quick to judge one another. She wrote how that day a group of riders “pulled up and parked beside us with Punisher vests on and gear.”

“Huck was very worried because one had a cut on his arm and blood was running down.”

Belinda said Huck asked her to leave the gentleman with some bandaids.

“He needs them,” Huck had said.

Belinda said Huck then asked that the Hendersons wait on the riders to come out of the store.

“When they walked up to the bikes, they were smiling ear to ear, not one frown or cussing because somebody had been near their bikes.”

“They were all smiling and one lady said, ‘This is sweet.'”

“They had no clue we had waited,” Belinda said.

Belinda said Huck told the gentleman that he hoped the bandages “fix your hurt arm.”

“They all looked over at us and said, ‘You did this! This is amazing!'”

Belinda said the riders chatted with Huck and told him they were from New York and had been to a really for their group, supporting fallen solder and veterans.

“One of them told Huck that he had made his day “cause he was missing his little girl who stayed home with Mommy because she was one.”

“Huck told them about his daddy and uncle JC’s bikes,” Belinda said.

Belinda, through her post, reminded everyone to not judge individuals based on appearance. She noted that although motorcycle riders may ride in packs and look tough, “Do not Judge! They have families. They are not bad.”

“Chances are, if you break down somewhere, these people will be the first to stop and help you!”

Wednesday morning, one of the riders – Benton Ketron – messaged the Wetzel Chronicle and asked that the paper share Robinson’s post.

“We are trying to track down a little boy and his family to get in contact with them for his spectacular deed and compassion,” Ketron said.

“We are trying to get this young man some recognition and reward him. We appreciate any help you can lend!” Ketron said.

The Chronicle shared Robinson’s post, asking for help to find Huckleberry. A few moments later, Belinda was “tagged” in the post.

Belinda noted she was very much surprised to hear from the group, as was Huckleberry.

“Never did I expect them to find us!” she said.

“Huck is so excited to now know their names and know (Justin DeTota) had gotten his cut taken care of and is better.”

“They have made his day,” Belinda said of the riders.

And according to numerous local responses to Robinson’s post, this behavior isn’t at all unique of Huck. Huck, and his brother, are known for their compassion for others.

“I have tried to raise my boys to see the world with eyes and mind wide open, not to believe there is a ‘normal’ – that we all are different,” Belinda explained.

“Huck is very caring and always wants to take care of people and make them feel better.”