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Wetzel Students Will Receive School Supplies

By Staff | Jul 19, 2017

Photos by Lauren Matthews Wetzel County Schools’ students will not need to worry about purchasing school supplies for the upcoming school year. The school system has purchased all supplies necessary. All students will need is a backpack and a lunchbox, if they choose to partake in cold lunch.

The excitement for the 2017-2018 school year is building as Wetzel County Schools personnel have reported that students will not have to purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Tissues, graphing calculators, pencils, highlighters, folders the schools will provide those materials and more for the students, based on the supply requirements for each grade.

Students will need to only bring their backpacks and lunch-boxes, if they choose to eat cold lunch, that is.

Supplies have been ordered for students of all ages, pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. Also, the supplies will not just be doled out at the beginning of the year. The school system will replenish supplies as the year, and need, progresses.

According to Teresa Standiford (Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Pre-K, and Title I), the school system has talked about providing school supplies previously. However, this year, the initiative was taken to ask Treasurer Jeff Lancaster and Superintendent Ed Toman if providing school supplies, for all of Wetzel County students, was possible. According to Standiford, Lancaster and Toman were excited about the prospect.

Standiford, along with Secondary Director, Tammy Wells, and Terry Greene (Title I Curriculum Coordinator) could perhaps be credited for spearheading the endeavor. However, they are quick to deny any credit.

Standiford sincerely stated, “We are just excited that Wetzel County Schools is able to do this for the children, and we want parents to know that they will not have to purchase supplies for their children.”

“Every student in the school will have supplies,” Standiford said.

Greene and Standiford said this will also lessen the burden on teachers, who might have previously paid, out of their own pockets.

However, the endeavor was a huge undertaking. Teachers were contacted and asked what supplies their students would need. Specific brand requests were also taken into account. For instance, many of the teachers prefer Crayola crayons. All of the information was compiled onto a spreadsheet. Supplies such as dry erase markers, pencil boxes and pencil bags, mats, and play-dough all of these will be provided for students.

As previously stated, supplies will continue to be ordered as the year progresses.

“If teachers need something in the classroom, they just need to let us know,” Greene said.

Greene said extra materials have also been ordered, to account for students who might move to the county during the school year.

Greene is also excited to see the supplies delivered to the schools.

“When you look at supplies ordered for New Martinsville School’s first graders… There are 45 boxes of 96 pencils”

Standiford said the announcement might seem late, but the school system had to wait until the end of the fiscal year before placing an order. Schools have been trying to alert local businesses of the schools’ initiative as well, in-case the businesses anticipate releasing “Suggested School Supplies” lists.

Standiford and Greene noted that the school system, through providing the supplies, wants to show its appreciation to parents and children.