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Pine Grove Continues With Water/Sewage Problems

By Staff | Jun 28, 2017

A broken valve caused Pine Grove residents to be under a 48-hour boil order Saturday evening.

As of Tuesday morning, the “All-Clear” had not been given, by state agencies, to use the water. Soon-to-be mayor, Barbara King, anticipated the “okay” would be given soon. Residents would be notified once the order had ended.

This news came after residents of the town were asked to not flush their toilets last week, due to a broken pump on the town’s sewage system.

In regards to the sewage system, King said several issues were discovered while trying to repair the pump problem. She noted debris were found in the waste pits at the “vac plant.” She said waste included “things that are certainly not supposed to be used in toilets, or water lines.”

Even after the boil order has ended, residents will still be asked to use water sparingly.

King expressed town officials’ gratitude to residents, for their cooperation, along with companies and organizations that have offered a helping hand.

“We’ve had a lot of people that have called and offered ideas, and we’ve had companies that have called us, and we’ve had people that are looking for pumps for us.”

“Employees have been working long hours, and we’ve had people from the community that have been helping the workers. We’ve had electricians that have been helping, and other engineers are coming to offer advice, free of charge.”

“It’s just been time-consuming,” King said.

King also noted that city officials had found out that a resident was calling the governor’s office and reporting that nothing was being done about the problem in Pine Grove.

“He sent a supervisor from the Department of Environmental Protection here, and we went over everything that was done, to date.”

King noted that state officials were pleased to see all was done properly.

“I would also like to thank the Red Cross for the cleaning kits for the people that reported problems,” King said.

King noted, on Monday, that MarkWest had been assisting with electrical issues at the “vac plant.” A company has also been removing waste from the sewer pit.

King also noted that the health department has been kept informed of the situation.

Residents can stay up-to-date on the progress of the repairs by checking out “Town of Pine Grove” on Facebook.

Additionally, elected council member Richard Price, who will take office officially in July, has a Facebook page “Vote Price For Pine Grove Town Council.”

Price has encouraged fellow residents through the recent trials.

“Your willingness to make sacrifices and help during this period of crisis shows your love of our little town.”

Price complimented King and Recorder Rhonda Spencer as well. Price thanked Spencer “for using her contacts and connections to make things go as fast as possible and being there to help support Barbara.”

“I understand everyone’s frustration, but we are all in this together and we will get it resolved.”