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Sheriff Sheds Light On Reported Abduction Attempt

By Staff | Jun 23, 2017

Wetzel County Sheriff Mike Koontz was able to shed some light on a possible abduction attempt that allegedly occurred June 20, 4 p.m. on Whiteman Hill Road, approximately one-half mile from New Martinsville.

Koontz said the female caller advised that a man, in a black SUV, had tried to coax her four-year-old child to come to the vehicle. The woman advised Koontz that when she walked onto her driveway, the vehicle left and continued on Whiteman Hill.

“It was reported to be a black SUV, and to my knowledge, they never could actually see the driver at the time. Deputies did respond. Deputy (Donald) Bordenkircher and Deputy (Cody) Elliot responded to the area, from opposite ends of Whiteman Hill, but never did come into contact with the black SUV.

Koontz urged residents, “if they suspect something like this has happened or is happening, to please call 911. Don’t post it on Facebook four hours later after the fact.”

Koontz noted that the caller, in this case, did do the right thing.

And in general, Koontz reminded parents to “Keep an eye on your kids, and educate them to the danger of strangers.” Koontz noted that children should always check with their parents before approaching someone.

And in other sheriff’s department news, Koontz said three Wetzel County individuals have recently been arrested for breaking and entering.

Koontz said Joseph William White, 38, was arrested this month for breaking and entering at the Jacksonburg Pit Stop. White was on bond for previous arrests for breaking and entering at Mason’s Filling Station in Reader.

Also, Lynn Evan Boutwell, Jr., 29, and Jerry Lee Greathouse III, were both arrested for breaking and entering at Martin’s Hardware.

Koontz said the investigations relative to these matters were conducted largely by Deputy Dustin Bickerstaff, with assistance from other deputies as well.