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Pine Grove Makes Progress With Sewer Woes

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

According to soon-to-be mayor, Barbara King, Pine Grove residents can now flush their toilets, take short showers, and wash dishes.

Residents had been without the ability to do such for several days, after a pump at the town’s sewer system became inoperable.

King said several issues have been discovered while attempting to fix the problem. She noted that debris have been found in the waste pits at the “vac plant.” King said the waste included “things that are certainly not supposed to be used in toilets, or water lines.”

“They were items that were not flush-able or drain-able,” she said.

Residents are still asked not to do laundry or use an abundance of water, at least for another day or so.

King said residents will be notified when they can resume normal water usage.

“They will be notified. I have to call Charleston as well,” she said, adding that the situation had been reported, as an emergency, to Charleston.

“I have to call Charleston and tell them that we are back in operation.”

King also wanted to express town officials’ gratitude to residents, for their cooperation, along with companies and organizations that have offered a helping hand.

“We’ve had a lot of people that have called and offered ideas, and we’ve had companies that have called us, and we’ve had people that are looking for pumps for us.”

“Employees have been working long hours, and we’ve had people from the community that have been helping the workers. We’ve had electricians that have been helping, and other engineers are coming to offer advice, free of charge.”

“It’s just been time-consuming,” King said.