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Bob Hope Writer Checks Out Chronicle

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

Martha Bolton

Wetzel Chronicle Sports Writer Bruce Crawford was in for a pleasant surprise recently when he received an e-mail from Martha Bolton, former comedy writer for Bob Hope.

Bolton had discoverd Crawford’s “From My View For June 14” column on the Internet. Crawford had started his column by discussing National Donut Day. He remarked on the many “National” days and suggested a “National Bob Hope Day.” Crawford said he missed Hope, who was one of Crawford’s favorite comedians.

Crawford said that besides humor, Hope gave many of our country’s servicemen and women hope, through visits around the world.

“As a former writer for Bob Hope, I receive Google Alerts with links to articles written about him,” Bolton said on her discovery of Crawford’s column.

“When I received an alert about Bruce Crawford’s column in the Wetzel Chronicle, the first few sentences intrigued me: ‘Let’s have a National Bob Hope Day. I miss Mr. Hope a lot. He, along with Jerry Lewis, were two of my favorite comedians.'”

“I couldn’t have agreed more,” Bolton said.

“Growing up I, too, loved watching Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope movies, as well as Bob’s television specials. I also remember seeing Jerry Lewis once in a live performance. We had so much in common, I figured I should contact Bruce and let him know that I agreed about his Bob Hope Day idea (although on Bob’s 100th birthday 35 states did declare that special day Bob Hope Day).”

“I also agreed with Bruce on the importance of laughter, sending along a blog that I had recently written on how comedy has unfortunately changed over the years, titled ‘What’s Funny?'”