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NMPD Keeps Busy

By Staff | Jun 20, 2017

New Martinsville Police Department Chief Tim Cecil was able to dispel some rumors circulating the community concerning a woman rummaging through the dumpster at New Martinsville’s Goodwill store.

Chief Cecil said that, contrary to rumors, there was no body found; the woman was not deceased. He said after NMPD received a call about a woman rummaging through the dumpster, Sergeant Steve Kastigar arrived at the scene and discovered the woman passed out. He said the woman was recovered from the dumpster, brought to the NMPD station, and then transferred to Ohio Valley Medical Center.

No name is to be released.

In another matter, the NMPD is seeking information on a purse theft that occurred around June 12.

Chief Cecil said the theft happened outside of Work’s gym when two African American males busted the back glass of a woman’s vehicle and stole her purse.

The men got into a 2013-2014 blue Dodge Caravan. Chief Cecil said there was an individual driving the van; however, this individual never exited the van.

Cecil said the suspects ended up using the woman’s credit card at Wal-Mart, where they purchased two $500 gift cards.

The men have not yet been identified, and anyone with additional information on this crime is urged to call the NMPD at 304-455-9100.