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Cecil, Zimmerman Honored by City Council

By Staff | May 24, 2017

New Martinsville Police Department Chief Tim Cecil and NMPD Dispatcher Billie Zimmerman, were honored at a recent New Martinsville City Council meeting. Photo Provided

Police Chief Tim Cecil and Dispatcher Billie Zimmerman were honored by New Martinsville City Council during their May 1 meeting.

The two were recently awarded by the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce-Cecil as Professional of the Year and Zimmerman as Employee of the Year.

“Her hard work on the facelift to our office is appreciated,” said Officer Jason Utt who, with Officer Michael Owens stepped up to honor the pair at the meeting. “Previously it was pretty bland and boring when you walked in. They are working on a memorial wall for past officers and K9s. That will be on display for anyone who comes up to the office to look at and remember.” They added that current officers will be on the wall too.

And about Chief Cecil, Utt said, “Everyone in this town knows that he doesn’t work straight shifts. Any given hour, any time of day, you might see his cruiser going up the road to back up his officers.”

Councilman Jeff Wright said, as he congratulated Cecil and Zimmerman, “I think there are a lot of things that happen in this town that are positive that get overlooked.” He specifically mentioned Owens and Utt who helped out a person he knew who seemed to be getting his life together, yet he overdosed on drugs. “These two gentlemen showed up at the hospital and basically brought him back to life,” said Wright, who said even he has various feelings about the drug Narcan that can reverse an overdose. “This young man was somebody’s son, somebody’s grandson, and somebody’s friend and I want to thank them for giving this individual another chance at life.”

Wright also mentioned Rick and Dawn Myers who have spent a lot of time looking into a new ladder truck for the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department.