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NMPD Warns Of Phone Scam

By Staff | May 19, 2017

According to the New Martinsville Police Department, scammers are using local cell phone numbers to contact residents.

According to the NMPD, “When the call is answered, a recording starts and offers a free vacation to the Bahamas or a beach. It then asks a series of questions.”

“Do not respond. Hang up immediately,” the NMPD urges.

According to the NMPD, the number appears as a local caller, as the phone number is listed as a (304) 771 number.

“An officer received a call like this, and when contact was made via callback with the actual cellphone owner, the owner had no idea their number was being used and was advised to contact their service provider immediately,” NMPD indicated in its statement.

NMPD said scammers are targeting local residents’ personal cellphone numbers, and are using the number to mask their calls.

“At this time, we do not know how this is possible, but we are working to get answers.”

Since the police department issued its warning to the community, residents have responded with experiences of their own. It appears that the scam is affecting other surrounding communities as well.