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Commission Passes Resolution Regarding LED Grant Participation

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

At the Tuesday, April 4 meeting of the Wetzel County Commission, the commission passed a resolution regarding its participation in the Local Economic Development (LED) Grant Program.

The commission agreed that the Regional Economic Development Partnership, a division of the Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation, represents Wetzel County for the purpose of participating in the LED Grant Program. Josh Jefferson, of RED, was present for the passing of the resolution.

The resolution, read by Commission President Larry Lemon, noted that the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the West Virginia Economic Development Council and the West Virginia Development Office offers a program that is “specifically designed to help West Virginia communities become better prepared for industrial and related economic development.”

The commission can receive up to $30,000, thanks to the grant. RED also matches 50 percent of these funds.

In another matter, the commission agreed to donate $15,000 toward renovations to the Paden City baseball field.