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Commission Discusses Purchase of a Ladder Truck

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Wetzel County Commission met with Joanna Casto, with the Friends of Paden City. Casto explained to the commissioners that the Paden City Parks and Pool Committee had previously decided they would not open the pool for reasons of safety issues, finances, and lack of lifeguards. Therefore a group of volunteers gathered to do some maintenance, raise money, and finance lifeguards in order to keep the pool open.

They even had concessions donated to help raise money for the pool.

Casto stated that this year the West Virginia Parks and Recreation deemed the pool safe, but the pool is still in need of a few repairs. She feels that the vendors will continue to donate to the cause, and she stated that they have worked all winter on fundraisers, but Casto was curious if any funding were available to assist in the repairs.

Also, she would like to offer a scholarship to pay for lifeguard training as a way to entice kids to sign up. Casto mentioned that the community has been generous in their donations and 12 groups have already signed up to sponsor a free swim day.

Casto feels that the pool is a great option for kids to have. It gives them a place to cool down and gives them something to do in the summer months.

New Martinsville councilmember Jeff Wright, who was present at the meeting, mentioned that the Wetzel County Parks and Pool had some leftover paint from their recent renovations that they would be willing to donate to the Paden City pool.

The commissioners suggested that Casto send in a formal request with a listing of items needed for the pool. Commissioner Larry Lemon told Casto, “We commend you for your work in the past, you have taken on quite a task.”

Josh Smith, Joe Smith and Rick Myers of the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department spoke with the commissioners for the request for funding a new ladder truck. The topic had been previously discussed with city council members. The city will provide some funding; however, the expected total for the truck and equipment will be around 1 million dollars. The VFD has been spreading flyers throughout the community for a fundraiser to help raise money for the truck.

It was stated that this truck will be a first response vehicle that will be used in New Martinsville, Paden City, Hundred, at the Axiall Plant, and it will be within an estimated 10 minutes of 63 percent of the population of all Wetzel County students.

The VFD is hoping to raise enough money to put down a good deposit in an attempt to decrease on the overall monthly payment total. Also, the purchase of the truck can potentially cause individual insurance rates to decrease. If insurance companies feel that the city can provide a dependable functioning ladder truck, they will drop their rates accordingly. As of now, the closest ladder trucks to the area would located in Moundsville and Vienna. Commissioner Lemon told the gentlemen, “I really appreciate what you do – I stand in admiration for you.”

Myers responded with, “Thank you. We appreciate what we have, but when it’s all about safety, we pursue it.”

Per WV Ethics Act and Open Meeting Act, agendas for the Wetzel County Commission will be posted within two business days prior to scheduled meetings. Requests or items requiring action should be submitted within that time frame.