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Morris Retires from U.S. Postal Service After 32 Years

By Staff | Mar 15, 2017

Photos by Chad Turner The postal crew bids Rick Morris a final farewell, after 32 years of service.

Local United States Postal Service employee Rick Morris announced his retirement after 32 years of postal employment. Morris’s last official day was Feb. 28. When asked what retirement plans he had, Morris replied, “I plan on enjoying myself.”

Morris stated that he is looking forward to some hunting, fishing, and being outdoors enjoying nature. He stated that he may do a little traveling around the United States, and in particular, Yellowstone National Park. Morris would like to see the mountainous terrain and some of the variety of wildlife that Yellowstone has to offer. He stated that this is a trip that he has been wanting to do for awhile but decided to wait until he was retired so that he could take his time, give himself an opportunity to take it all in, and not feel rushed.

Morris gave a small speech where he thanked his employees for being such wonderful people to work with. He enjoys joking around and having fun but always managed to get the job done. Morris stated, “As long as you’re getting your work done, there is nothing wrong with smiling while you’re doing it.” Most importantly, Rick wanted to thank all of his customers. He said that they were a real joy to be around and that he always had fun joking around with them as well.

The community will miss the the joy and company that Rick offered on a daily basis but all wish him the very best with his retirement.