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Winers Receive APBA Award

By Staff | Mar 1, 2017

Photo Provided Pictured is the award Sam and Sherron Winer received from the American Power Boat Association.

New Martinsville business owners Sam and Sherron Winer (Powerboat Superleague), were the recent recipients of the American Power Boat Association’s (APBA) National Achievement Award. Acknowledged for their outstanding contributions in race production, their volunteerism on both the national level, the category level and the local level, the Winers were honored by their peers with a standing ovation when their names were announced.

This is the second time their efforts on behalf of racing have been rewarded.

“It is humbling to have your work acknowledged on a national level; doing what we love isn’t work but in a niche market it can be very lonely. Racing on our level has never been about us, it’s been making sure that what happens in a community on race weekend is the best that our dedicated goal of professionalism can provide. It’s making sure that the fans have fun and that the host community benefits,” acknowledged the Winers.

Friday evening of the five day APBA annual meeting, recently held in Los Angeles, Ca., is reserved for the national powerboat awards ranging from driver-driven to overall achievement in the sport.

Recognition comes in many forms: records set, championships won, points accrued and contribution to the general good and elevation of racing. These awards, given to individuals and teams, represent the nation’s best and are earned through basic criteria: achievement on the water in the form of points per race, championships won and records set; achievement off the racecourse is acknowledged by the entire body of work accomplished, the professional, moral and ethical conduct of the individuals as well as their contributions to the sport beyond the normal scope of race production and promotion.

It is the continuing volunteer efforts of both Winers, their examples of professional and ethical conduct, and the recommendations of their peers that led to naming them as the 2016 recipients of the award.

Over the span of thirty-one years, in a career that has produced more than 176 racing events in over ten states and two foreign countries, it is RegattaFest in New Martinsville that remains foremost in their hearts.

Their company, Powerboat Superleague, is the vehicle for race production but Sam and Sherron are volunteers.

For them it is the perfect way to say thank you to a community that spawned their incredible journey.

“While our officiating staff is paid – APBA officials do not work for free – we supplement the costs of producing a three-day festival in a number of ways: we are cash sponsors, we donate our time as members of the RegattaFest Board of Directors, we serve as race officials but do not take any fee, we use our race equipment (buoys, radios, flags, scoring and timing computers, and all of those small but necessary items to make a race work) and host a Friday night welcome party for all of the teams.

Racing has been an integral part of New Martinsville’s history, we are simply making sure that the long-standing and well-loved tradition continues,” they explained.