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WCS Honored for Grad Rates

By Staff | Feb 22, 2017

Wetzel County Schools was recently honored for achieving at least 90 percent in attendance and graduation rates for the 2015-2016 school year. Notably, Paden City High School was one of four schools, in the state of West Virginia, that achieved a 100 percent graduation rate last year.

Other graduation rates for Wetzel County Schools, for last year, are as follows: Valley High School, 96.36 percent; Magnolia High School, 94.21 percent; and Hundred High School, 91.67 percent.

“I am so proud of Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City and Valley High Schools,” said Superintendent Ed Toman of the recognition.

“All four High Schools were above 90 percent Graduation Rate. I appreciate all the hard work on behalf of the Board of Education, administration, teachers, staff and students for their dedication toward this outstanding accomplishment,” he said.

“Kids are our business, we should all feel a sense of obligation to make sure ALL kids get through school and graduate.”

The Wetzel Chronicle also reached out to each of the high school principals for remarks on the exemplary graduate rates.

“I’m proud of the work of the students, as well as the work the parents and guardians put in to their child’s education, as well as my staff and our counselor, Chad West. We all work hard to ensure that each student not only graduates, but graduates college and career-ready,” said Jay Salva, principal of PCHS.

“It’s exciting that all four Wetzel County High Schools achieved above a 90% graduation rate,” noted Beth Sigley, HHS Principal.

Sigley added that Hundred High School hopes to exceed that graduation rate for the 2016-2017 school year.

“Valley High School’s graduation rate for last year was 96.36 percent, which was 14th in the state,” noted VHS Principal J.C. Kimble.

“We are extremely proud of the students’ commitment to excellence, hard work, and perseverance that they have shown.”

“In every aspect, we try to improve on the previous school year,” He said. “Our graduation rate is no exception and we are wanting to exceed last years rate of 96.36 percent. Although we are celebrating this achievement; Excellence, Pride, and Respect are standards that we strive to achieve everyday.”

Kathi Schmalz, MHS principal, echoed her colleagues’ sentiments.

“The staff is very proud of our students here,” she said.

“As a staff, we work hard with the kids, from the time they enter Magnolia, to when they prepare to graduate.”

“We strive to keep our students coming to school each day and working to the goal of graduation, and moving on to college or a career.”

“Our state becomes stronger with each student that graduates high school,” State Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano said in a Feb. 10 news release.

“The high schools here today deserve the praise they are receiving for achieving a 90 percent or higher graduation rate. Our schools see the potential that a high school graduate holds for our state and they, along with the Department of Education and Board of Education, have made it a top priority to ensure our students show up, work hard, and earn a diploma.”