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Lemoine Klug Receives Gabriel Project Donations For Birthday

By Staff | Feb 22, 2017

Photo provided Kay and Lemoine Klug stand with donations for The Gabriel Project. These donations were given, in lieu of gifts, for Lemoin’s birthday.

Lemoine Klug received quite the birthday surprise two weeks ago.

Despite being passed his infancy and toddler years, Lemoine received an abundance of gifts and gift bags that included wipes and diapers, washes and lotions – all for babies.

As crazy as it might sound at first, the gifts were perfect for Lemoine, as he and his wife, Kay, have been faithful volunteers to The Gabriel Project’s New Martinsville site, since its inception in July 2016.

The Klugs’ five daughters, who knew of their parents’ passion for The Gabriel Project, planned a surprise birthday party for their dad and requested donations for the project, in lieu of gifts.

According to Lemoine, his daughters “did an excellent job of coming up with the idea of making the donations for the Gabriel Project.”

Lemoine, describing his party, said “I saw this table with all these gifts and gift bags, and I thought ‘Gee, I hope these aren’t for me.'” Lemoine quickly realized the gifts had a different purpose when he unwrapped the first one, as he notes “I then pulled the diapers out!”

Besides all of the baby items, Lemoine also received $500 cash to pass on to The Gabriel Project.

Lemoine said when he and his wife started volunteering at The Gabriel Project, “we had no idea of what it was all about.”

Now, “When we see these young ladies, even some grandmothers coming in to take care of these children, it’s just heartwarming to know that we can help.”

The project is completely volunteers, and it is just amazing.”

Wetzel County’s Gabriel Project location is at 515 Maple Avenue in New Martinsville.

Families or single parents who may be in need of financial assistance are encouraged to stop by for tangible needs such as safe cribs, secure car seats, diapers, formula, clothing, and hygiene products at a low or no cost rate to the client.

The Gabriel Project also provides emotional support, information about child care, referrals to other social service organizations.

Hours of operation for The Gabriel Project will be every Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 4 p.m. and also every third Saturday of the month, noon to 4 p.m. at the building location.

For more information, contact Linda Barth at 304-398-4156. Also, check out “Gabriel Project Wetzel Site” on Facebook.