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New Martinsville McDonald’s Evacuated Friday

By Staff | Feb 17, 2017

Emergency personnel respond to a threat at McDonalds Friday afternoon.

New Martinsville McDonald’s was evacuated Friday, approximately around noon, due to a threat. New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil confirmed there was a situation that was responded to by his department, along with emergency personnel.

According to Nelsen Hachem, owner of New Martinsville and St. Marys McDonald’s, the threat was made by phone.

Hachem said the McDonald’s building was evacuated of all employees and customers, and emergency personnel investigated the building and found nothing. Hachem said it has since been discovered that the threat was made by juveniles, and emergency personnel was able to ascertain that there was no danger.

Hachem said that McDonald’s is back open and running.

“We were shutdown maybe half an hour,” he said.